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I hate my coworkers

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Megan All of them.

There's Billy Prissypants, who spends all his time whining about how awful everyone else is. He went so far as to tell a woman with pneumonia she should be better by now and didn't need 10 days off. Um, it's pneumonia, yes, she did.

And the Mooch, who came running in to the kitchen because he smelled bagels. Right, that was my breakfast in the toaster. I'm not hiding free bagels in my cube.

The Johnny Cash impersonator who sits across from me and spends 6 hours a day on the phone...really, I'm not interested in your band. And you're not so great at your job either.

shellyindallas Oh my god, I'm right there with you! I really and truly do hate my slutty co-worker that sits in the cube directly across from mine. I have to see her stupid ass everyday. It's a long story, but just know she is a skanky whore who once sucked cock for crack then got all indignant when this other co-worker suspected her sister-in-law might be stripping. That's not why I hate her though, I hate her b/c she wants to f my boyfriend.

Then there's the old bag who walks around with this pinched, tiny, forced smile on her face but never looks up. I don't know how she makes it around without bumping into walls and filing cabinets. If, by accident, you do happen to make eye-contact with her, she'll wipe that smile right off of her face and look back down at the ground before you can even roll your eyes at her dumb ass.

Then there's the sourpuss who always has to leave early or doesn't even bother showing up b/c of her sick kid. And I don't mean this kid has a serious chronicle illness, I mean this kid must have a fucking cold every other week. For the longest time I didn't think you could pay this bitch to smile. Then I saw her cube w/ all the pics of her and her hubby and the kid where she's grinning ear to ear. Guess they are the only ones worthy of seeing her teeth.

Then there's the super fat ass who met her husband on line and refuses to give blow jobs and why the fuck would any of us need to be made aware of that? When she's not talking about her husband, she's talking about her kids. And when she's not talking about her husband or her kids, she's not talking.

There are dummies all over this place and I'm sure there are as many people that can't stand me as I can't stand. But damn, I can't wait until something better comes along.

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