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Volume 3?

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Larry Manchester died a couple years back, having finished only a portion of the third and final volume of "The Last Lion". I believe that the working title was "The Last Lion: Defender of the Realm".

Shortly before he died, it's my understanding that he came to an agreement with his publisher to allow historian Paul Reid to complete the third volume from his remaining notes (which were supposedly quite extensive).

The last report I read was that the book was to be published by Reid in late 2007 or 2008. Obviously that never happened. Does anyone know what the status of the publication of the final volume is at this point?

Even a book partially written by Manchester himself would be intriguing.

Timothy Isenmann As of Jan 2013 (actually a few months earlier), Volume 3 is now available! It's on my want-to-read list. Already have my first edition.

irene I am so glad I saw this.. I will be reading this as well. I read "The Last Lion 2"... Also read "The Gathering Storm" .. great reading about a great statesman.

Brad Lyerla I just posted a review of Volume 3, which is called Defender of the Realm. It is wonderful. Great biographical writing and indispensable if you like 20th century history.

Laura Ashurst I am so looking forward to reading volume 3. I loved the first two books.

It is interesting. I can't think of another example where one writer bequeathed a franchise to another writer.

Manchester's skills were so exceptional though, I don't know if Volume 3 will be up to his standards.

irene I did read the Defender of the Realm and maybe I didn't give it a chance, but I was disappointed in it. It's too bad, I had been looking forward to reading it too.

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