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Kaza | 26 comments Mod
Just had an awesome interview done by Sookie at Over My Head:
I'm now officially going by Queen of Fabulosity - thanks Sookie!

I have to say, I love the part of Sookie's profile that reads: I was born and raised in Texas where I learned the important things: how to walk in cowboy boots, how to eat a burrito properly (stuff it in your face), and how to read great books. She sounds like a really fun person! Makes me want to eat a burrito with her. (Probably have much better ones in Texas than Ohio!)

I'm also going to be on Book Bites for Kids this Monday, December 17th at 3 PM Eastern time (2 PM Central...) It's an online radio show - very fun!

Another cool blogger is going to interview me soon. Check it out on his site "The Jay," at http://www.thejay.com/2007/12/14/holi...

Hope you're having great holidays!!'
Luv, Kaza

message 2: by Mirwais (new)

Mirwais Noori | 4 comments Actually it was very interesting part of Kaza’s interviews and I found more information about you ( Kaza ) how you growth and what affective points where in your live.
Wish you happiness and good health
ILU Noori

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