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message 1: by Shaila (new)

Shaila (shailaabdullah) | 9 comments Mod
Post your website links here and I will provide a critique of your site. Everyone is welcome to provide feedback

Authors, please include the following.

Author Name:

Feedback should have two things:

What Works:
What Does Not Work:

Shaila Abdullah

message 2: by Aaron (new)

Aaron Hoopes | 1 comments
Author Name: Aaron Hoopes


message 3: by Shaila (new)

Shaila (shailaabdullah) | 9 comments Mod
Welcome, Aaron Hoopes. I took a look at this site and here is my feedback


What Works: plenty of great content, pictures with faces to give the site personality

What Does Not Work: The site seems to use a very old and basic template that has been around for awhile. With content as rich as what you have, it needs to be aesthetically updated. There is too much on the home page and I find it hard to focus on what is the most important thing you want me to see. The links at the top are too small. I am assuming top is the basic navigation and side links are quick links? Am I correct? The top links are too tiny and hard to see. Also it seems that your business can find great use in collecting visitor emails for promotional use. That should be on the front page. Also on the home page, the store items probably need to be highlighted in some way. Right now they are just together with the rest of the text.

Here are a few examples of good yoga sites (soft colors, easy to find items) (notice the colors and the softness of the palette)

Also think about what is the most important things you want your visitors to do? Buy products or join classes or both? And are you achieving that goal?

Good luck!

Shaila Abdullah

message 4: by Paul (new)

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