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Marc V. I am so surprised that no one here has reviewed this book. It is such an amazing part of classic literature.
It belongs on a shelf with Joyce,Miller, Steinbeck,Hemingway and so many more classic writers.

Please read this book at least once in your life time.
Even the opening poem }"A fallen Leaf" that starts the book is brilliant.
The author now dead was a regular at the "White Horse Tavern" in this west village. Unfortunately he drank himself to death before ever ssing fifty.

message 2: by max (new) - rated it 4 stars

max I read this book for the first time this summer. I enjoyed portions of it greatly, but felt that in the end it did not hang together in an artistically successful way. There were passages that were brilliantly managed, but overall the novel is too sprawling and lacking in essential organic unity. The book was posthumously published after Wolfe's editor whipped it into publishable shape, and its structural flaws are all too apparent.

Wolfe is a gifted writer. Many of his sentences are crafted with surpassing skill. As a stylist, he is a far better writer than Dreiser; as a satirist he easily rivals Sinclair Lewis. And yet, in the end, what is the point of this work? What exactly does Wolfe expect us to take away from this behemoth?

Chris Campion I own the book, but haven't read much. I've been reading YOU CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN and FROM DEATH TO MORNING. I think he's one of the most underrated writers of the 20th century. You have a point. Why hasn't somebody written a review.

Chris Campion *I meant, LOOK HOMEWARD, ANGEL* ERR.

I picked up YOU CAN'T GO HOME AGAIN at the salvation army. First edition. It was strange. Something just pulled me to the book.

Barry Walsh Agreed, most underrated novelist of the 20th century. JB Priestley believed that Wolfe's was the best of all attempts at the Great American Novel.

Barry Walsh PS Referring to Look Homeward Angel

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