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what does
Famous MySpace Layouts

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i think rowling on the florr laughing

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ohh that makes sense.

Famous MySpace Layouts

sorry blake. i'm just kidding. no one likes me. Wait, does someone like me besides blake?

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message 5: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Heath (mirdermystery) | 5 comments true dat

message 6: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Heath (mirdermystery) | 5 comments and yea im allowed to agree with myself

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you gots the website?

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wat website?

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message 10: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Heath (mirdermystery) | 5 comments i thought u wud use one of the "I'm Hot" ones

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heheh. this is were i get most of my stuff on aim.

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i might but i know that u already knew that!

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target="_blank" title="Free Cute Backgrounds">
Famous MySpace Layouts


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so. how life? how you LOVE life?

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Isabella | 1 comments love is not overated Miranda is

message 17: by Miranda (new)

Miranda Heath (mirdermystery) | 5 comments ill give u that. im overrated. but love is too.

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You know what. maybe love is overated but atleast the people who has love isn't.

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jeez. sara should be on dr.phill

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i should be on dr. phil? wow. i burnt her like sonday toast.

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you guys! i gots some disturbing news.

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There's a possible chance that i might have to go to public school next year.

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i'm in love with hello kitty. I had hello kitty paper but than i used all of it.

Jack the annoying freak (idkw) | 8 comments i don't want u 2 go and idky

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AWW!!!! Jack, you don't want me to go? awww.. i wish i could stay.

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The Jackal (Jack) wrote: "i don't want u 2 go and idky"

JACK, i think that is the sweetest thing you ever said to me.

Jack the annoying freak (idkw) | 8 comments im starting 2 feel slightly akward

Jack the annoying freak (idkw) | 8 comments thats because Victoria hugged me 4 no apparent reason

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well, you usally don't say anything like that to me. Or antything sweet to me.

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

its okay if you do.

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this is so sweet!!!!

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jack,i won't really mind.

Jack the annoying freak (idkw) | 8 comments ok now this getting kinda uncomfortable again.......

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so are you me scret friend admirer. l;ogan says "sara u should pick a dif. admirer. n/o jack!"

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Sarah Cullen (haymons46ehsbrorg) | 1 comments ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING.

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hehehe. where have you been??

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