A Dangerous Path (Warriors, #5) A Dangerous Path discussion

my favorite book so far in the sieries.

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Corbin i like this book cause there is more action in it thatn any.

~Colleen~ i love these books!!! iv read the series atleast 3 times lol

Abigail this book is probably my favourite book in the first series!

~Colleen~ Abigail wrote: "this book is probably my favourite book in the first series!"

same here lol
there is alot more stuff going on in this book then most of the others!

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This book is awesome and action packed. :)

Awesome Klar i think this book was pretty good

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I liked the Darkest hour!

Claudia the Night Owl I like twilight from the new prophecy.

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I have a few favorite books:

Warriors:A dangerous path

Warriors:The darkest hour

Super Editions:Firestar's quest

Super Editons:Yellowfang's secret

Super Editions:Crookedstar's promise

Super Editons:Bluestar's prophecy

Omen of the stars:Night whispers

Omen of the stars:Fading echos

Power of three: Sunrise

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I didn`t really like this book that much. I felt like I was trying too hard to continue to like Bluestar until she renamed Brightpaw Lostface.

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