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best book in series

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Thessa Genesis tgis is my favorite book in the series so.... descriptive and vivid

Annelyse i dont know which one wasthe best. i finished the seris right before 2010 christmas and i dont remember allot froem all of the books

Kate nah, my favorite was The Slippery Slope because nothing really horrific and depressing happened.

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The End was the best. It perfectly ended the whole series, and i was not left hanging about anything, like other books. The last page felt like a total accomplishment. I read it like 30 times till i felt like i actually finished it.

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Chelseabelle I agree, I LOVED THIS BOOK.

Edit (because that was too short):

I kind of disliked the ending a lot. I almost wish this book could somehow have been the end. I'm feeling like I should re-read them though, because this series is so clever.

Toni-marie Aulet The bad beginning and the end were the best and the slippery slope!!!

Toni-marie Aulet yahh that was good too... and the austere academy! they were all amazing!!

Meghan I really like how Lemony Snicket writes. Also my fav is the Penultimate Peril because you meet all the characters in the past books again. I really like that.

Rebecca my favorite was The Reptile Room but i think it's just because I loved Uncle Monty.

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i for 1, loved hostile hospital, the end & The Penultimate Peril. forthe romance between the 2 family twins

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loved uncle monty 2 but got to love the thing between the Baudelaire elder kids and the (correct meif im wrong) Q-something?

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Georgia wrote: "loved uncle monty 2 but got to love the thing between the Baudelaire elder kids and the (correct meif im wrong) Q-something?"

Its the Quagmire Triplets.

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ohh thanks
i only have the 1st book an the end. i borrowed all of the other books from the library...

message 14: by [deleted user] (new) made a VERY good decision. It is the best series i have ever read in my life. :D

Andreas I think that "the penultimate peril" was the best in the series, for all its recurring characters, lives and times strangely interwoven, the appearance and vanishing of the sugar bowl...
it added so much from the previous books together and let it all go up in flames

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hmmm, i guess.
lemony snicket S.O.U.E. was the first series i ever read. it introduced me totne world of reading. ive read the books...i cant rememberhow many times but definatley love them.

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esme had freakish clothes sense. trying to kill kid with high heels...

Meghan I know! It creeped me out. Who kills kids with high heels?

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Meghan wrote: "I know! It creeped me out. Who kills kids with high heels?"
thank you! not all people notice but when she did that i was like "HOLY CRAP!"
just calm down! take a chill pill. cool ur pool...etc

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lookin 4 an abby

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Beth I think the hostile hospital was my favourite, it was such a good plot line :3 Lemony snicket is a genius.

Angie It's difficult for me to decide. All of them are incredible to me, because each one has taught me (or reaffirm in me)about life facts.

Kersten Dominique I loved The Miserable Mill the best. It had a lot of action, especially towards the end when the guy backs up into the running chainsaw. That was too awesome!

Stefanie Stokes I liked The Reptile Room since I also love snakes and lizards, but my favourite has to be The Penultimate Peril because of all the characters returning and seeing the dynamics between them better. For example it's not clear in The Miserable Mill about Sir and Charles' relationship but in The Penultimate Peril it becomes clearer that they are in a relationship. Charles says he cares about Sir and later it mentions them holding hands so as not to get separated in the fire.

Kersten Dominique I still have to read that one. I only have to read the last two in the series. One of my friends said she read the entire series but she didn't like The End. She didn't think it was a good way to end the series. I still can't wait to finish the series.

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I LOVED the Slippery Slope!

Ambar Melendez I loved them all, although I think my 2 favorites would be,
"The Vile Village," because to me this book has some many things going on, they think they find the Quagmires, and then they fail to escape, I loved it! Especially the couplets Isadora sends.
"The Penultimate Peril," I loved how it switched from character to character.

Lemony Snicket is a genius, he creates amazing plots in 13 different books, and the story changes throughout the book, but the conflict is the same. I love him and I love his series!

Joan Stanley Favorites are "The Wide Window" and "Hostile Hospital" :)

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Efi the reptile room

Maddie To designate a favourite would be difficult but a couple of the most memorable would probably be 'The Reptile Room' and 'The Wide Window'.

Stenedria It's hard for me to pick just one. I love them all.

Libin Rebecca wrote: "my favorite was The Reptile Room but i think it's just because I loved Uncle Monty."
Yes! Uncle Monty is the best!

Libin The Hostile Hospital is my favorite one, but the Wide Window comes in a close second!

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Jawairia I have not read this one and the ones after because everything was the same and was just keep on repeating but i already know what happens at the end.Why do you think this is the best book did the same things stop repeating??

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