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Margaret Barker

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message 1: by Seth (new)

Seth (hazelmotes) | 11 comments Mod
So tell me about this Margaret Barker. I seem to recall she is a Protestant pastor. But maybe I'm thinking of somebody else. You seem to be interested in her.

message 2: by DROPPING OUT (new)

DROPPING OUT Yes, Seth, she is Protestant (Methodist, perhaps), but I have seen an essay by her on one Orthodox website. I may have it bookmarked and will send, if you wish. That said, she must have written something "acceptable." She is a scholar who definitely thinks outside the box. Using stunning reasoning she demonstrates in her writings that the teaching of Jesus and those through Paul were not some Graeco-Roman innovation but serived from a mainstream school Jewish thought the proceeded from the Old Testament, but had been sidelined by the Deuteronomic reformers.

message 3: by Seth (new)

Seth (hazelmotes) | 11 comments Mod
By all means, send me the url. Actually, the proposition that the thought of Jesus and Paul is organically related to earlier Judaism is pretty much an article of faith in Orthodoxy.

Librarians have always been my great friends. I myself am a producer at a National Public Radio affiliate. I am a heavy user of the online inter-library loan system at our local library, which has been a great enhancement of my reading life.

message 4: by DROPPING OUT (new)

DROPPING OUT The proposition is indeed an article of faith, but it is something whose proof I found suspect. For example, citing OT verses as being fulfilled by NT verses struck me as shooting an arrow on the side of a barn and then painting a bull's-eye around it. (Sorry if this line of reasoning on my part offends!)

Dr. Barker demonstrates through a wide range of canonical and extra-canonical writings ideas and "institutions" that the new "orthodox" deuteronomic reformers sought to eliminate, ideas that lead to Christianity.

The links (I found more than one) are:


Interesting your work at an NPR station. I try to listen to WNYC during "free (hah!)time.

message 5: by Seth (new)

Seth (hazelmotes) | 11 comments Mod
Thank you indeed for the links. I have both of them up now and will read them tonight.

On the matter of NT fulfillment of OT prophecies, I don't think it's quite as factitious as you suggest with the painted bullseye metaphor. But I agree that it takes, in the end, the eye of faith and what the Church calls an "Orthodox phronema," or the mind of the Church. Absent this mindset, I suppose one could see any number of prophecies either fulfilled or not by any number of later situations. The Fathers of the Church would say that it requires the Church to discern (or not) the fulfillment of prophecy.

Speaking of WNYC, I used to see personnel from your station every year at professional meetings. Haven't seen them in a while since I became senior enough to blow off going to conferences. There was a time when they specialized in playing only post-1900 classical music, and did a good job of it too. I think those days are long gone now.

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