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Pandoras Star & Judas Unchained Pete F. hamilton

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Servius  Heiner This was a great 2 book series, and I am getting ready to read his other (6) book series reality dysfunction, which I have herd great things about.

message 2: by Chris (new)

Chris | 3 comments Yeah, I just picked up Pandora's Star and poured through. What a great read! I am thirsting for Judas Unchained to see how the story moves forward. I loved PFH's tech, his relationships, and the story inter-weaving.

message 3: by Steveanon (new)

Steveanon | 1 comments I look forward to Christmas - I know that I'll get one of his books in HB as a presie. Temporal Void this year but haven't started yet. Really looking forward to reading this new book.

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