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This is where some of the less ethical experiments happen...

Alex is a Crazy Pony "Good morning everyone." Zaria greeted softly as she entered the room. She wasn't talking to people, though. She spoke to the experiments- animals of all sorts lying in glass cages. She wore her typical outfit- black pants, a white shirt and a white lab coat. Goggles and gloves protected her eyes as she approached each of the sixteen cages off the entrance.
"Mmh. Serum 18 seems to be failing." she murmured to herself, upon seeing a monkey with awful welts all over it's body. It had also gone blind. She sighed and carefully wrote something onto her notes before proceeding into the main lab.

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Blake wandered into the lab and up to Zaria. "Hey, would you mind helping me with a project? I'm trying to graft an AI to a biological organism. I have an AI that's ready for the test, but I need a biologist to help with grafting the AI into the organism."

Alex is a Crazy Pony Zaria looked up from her microscope, and nodded. "Sure," she agreed, glancing down at her notes. "Do you need and specific organism, or a certain size?"

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"Roughly human size would be better, but smaller could work. The thing is I'm trying to design the AI to be similar to a human brain. It would be best to have a monkey or some such."

Alex is a Crazy Pony "I have a few," Zaria told him. "Oh. There is a chimp. He was set to be euthanized tomorrow, but we can use him." she wandered over to the cages, where a very bored looking chimp was currently resting. "Yes, he's done well on his intelligence tests. He should work for the experiment."

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"Perfect. I'll contact you when I've got the AI ready."

Alex is a Crazy Pony "Okay." She smiled at the young boy. "See you then."

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Blake wandered out of the labs, heading to the lab common room.

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