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Crandall | 11 comments Mod
Okay, so I'm thinking that I will just start a new topic for each part of Angle of Repose. When you want to make a comment about a certain part you click on that topic and write. I Everyone just try to not write too much about plot developments so if someone wants to read comments about a part they havent finished yet they dont have to worry. If you do feel that what you are writing may spoil something big just put a disclaimer in the beginning.

I just finished Part I am really enjoying it so far. I find the narrator is really endearing. The idea of an old man dedicating his life to researching his Grandmother is very lovable. It kind of cute when he glorifies her, but I like it when he mocks her obsession with social mobility and her somewhat ridiculous relationship with Augusta. I also love the characterization of Rodman. Whenever he mentions him I think of the thumb on the doorbell. good passage.

Anyone have any thoughts on the phrase "angle of repose?"

(This is fun).

message 2: by Ann (last edited Feb 25, 2009 03:43AM) (new)

Ann | 4 comments Really good idea to have a separate topic for each part of the book; thanks for starting all this up, Crandall! I've just read about 10-15 pages so far. The perspective that the narrator has about what his adult children think is "best" for him, and his fierce desire to remain independent, really touch me. With parents in their 80's, my husband and I are dealing with these delicate questions currently. I felt the same way about the narrator in Water for Elephants.

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