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message 1: by Emma (new)

Emma Audsley (emmaaudsley) | 20 comments Wondering what you all thought of Stephen King's The Mist? I got 20 mins into it & considered turning it off! Glad I did'nt & stuck with it the ending left me really had a punch in the guts for both the characters & the viewer 10/10 just for the conclusion!

♥{Miranda!®}♥  (bella) what was it about exactly, i may have seen it. I am one of those who don't remember the titles but the story...

message 3: by Alex DeLarge (new)

Alex DeLarge | 851 comments Here's my review ported from the (GOOD) HORROR FILMS forum, a great place to discuss intelligent please join!

THE MIST (Frank Darabont, 2007, USA) Frank Darabont reduces an exceptional Stephen King novella to a vacuous and polluted haze. The film’s basic structure is flawed in relying on quick objective characterizations in order to jump-start the action sequences. Darabont should have studied Hitchcock’s THE BIRDS before making this film and he would have learned that suspense is created slowly with wit, humor, and irony: witness the commonplace gone awry as these well-defined personalities change under pressure and trauma. THE MIST is haunted by caricatures that regurgitate inane dialogue seemingly from cue cards and without the narrative rhythm or beat of realistically spoken language. The acting is bad to the point of being funny and conflict is generated from emotional ether: accusations and slander fly, crude remarks made, biblical passages quoted all for the sake of friction…but instead of creating sparks it douses the drama in pointless prattle. Darabont’s lazy filmmaking fails to manipulate time and space which is crucial to the fear of being trapped in this frightful alien environment. The Supermarket should have become a prison, the shoppers attacked by their own inner demons and anxieties, the isles closing in like a maze, stalked by an unknown faceless fear. Has it been only hours since the world turned upside down, or days? Through this silent turmoil then there be monsters. Instead, Darabont creates situations that will result in the next bloodletting without any real viewer attachment: he wants to show us the next neat CGI bug and the myriad ways of killing people. But we’ve seen it all before from ALIENS, STARSHIP TROOPERS to a guilty pleasure, KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS. He also dilutes every scene with verbose excess. The abysmal Mark Isham soundtrack attempts to add some epic quality to this apocalypse but instead subtracts thematically from the film’s overall sense of dread. The ending is violently nihilistic and the one thing I liked: David Drayton promised his son he wouldn’t let the monsters get him. Unfortunately, Darabont weakened a powerful sequence by extending it with slow motion and close-ups. The rumbling epiphany of steel and flames should have cut to black. (C-)

message 4: by Emma (new)

Emma Audsley (emmaaudsley) | 20 comments A mysterious mist desends over a small town in Maine (of course!),buts what lies within the Mist????!!!!

message 5: by Maryse (new)

Maryse (belle_maryse) | 66 comments Didn't really like it. The story was good but I just wasn't feeling it as a horror movie. I agree with Alex on "the supermarket should been a prison". I watched it primarily because I thought it would have that claustrophobic feel but once the bugs began overrunning the scenes it just became blah.

message 6: by Jim (new)

Jim Cherry (jymwrite) What lies within the mist? The fog!

message 7: by Alex DeLarge (new)

Alex DeLarge | 851 comments I'll take Carpenter's classic any day over this dreck!

message 8: by Tressa (new)

Tressa  (moanalisa) I liked The Fog and I liked The Mist. Both were good horror movies.

message 9: by Emma (new)

Emma Audsley (emmaaudsley) | 20 comments 'The fog' has a completely different premise & is a completly different film-just because they both have elements of weather in them does not make them the same film! Otherwise you'd have to include 'Twister' & 'Raining Cats & Dogs' in your reviews!!!!

message 10: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 135 comments I loved the story back when I read it in Dark Forces. Then King revised it and it was okay with a differnt ending. The movie was decent and I have to say I LOVED its ending. i thought it truly horrifying.

message 11: by [deleted user] (new)

this was a cool movie... the end was weird, with the giant bug things... for some reason it reminded me of The Happening...

message 12: by Ceci (new)

Ceci (cecialbiceleste) | 529 comments I think The Mist is amazing. I've been watching horror movies since I was twelve and have always loved them. I'm very rarely spooked by movies but Darabont's The Mist is terrifying. And the ending indeed is the most awesomely horrible ever... never seen anything like that. But so memorable. I can still see it play out in my mind, from an invisible spool. Great stuff!

message 13: by Joon (new)

Joon (everythingbeeps) Great movie, terrible ending. I'm glad I actually already knew the ending going into it; if it had taken me by surprised, I'd have been pretty upset. The ending of the short story was perfect, I don't know why Darabont had to mess with it.

message 14: by Tom (new)

Tom | 5188 comments I liked King's novella a great deal when it was published in whichever book it was, maybe SKELETON CREW. Yes, I once read Stephen King in hardcover.

The film was pretty good, for the most part, I thought. Some of the characters bordered on caricature, alas, which I never felt they did in the story.

And I liked the ending a lot.

message 15: by Ranata (new)

Ranata Clark (thatchicknata) | 169 comments I personally loved it. It gave you something to think about once it was over. What would it take for people to just turn into savages because they are confronted with something unnatural? It was also pretty interesting to see how everybody thought Mrs. Carmody was nuts at first but the more she proved that she was God's "vessel", the more people stopped thinking rationally. I disagree that Darabont should have left the ending hanging like in the book. I hate when you never know what happens to the characters. The ending was sad but the reason behind what happened and why was pretty clear.

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