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Book 2

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message 1: by Jules (new)

Jules Plessis The first book was good but what do you think of the second one?

message 2: by Jules (new)

Jules Plessis I also think the second one was very good but I prefer the first one.

message 3: by Damien (new)

Damien wong (deathly) I like it as well I am sitll reading it

message 4: by Rohan (new)

Rohan | 10 comments Got alot of loop holes as pauolini has left many things for the end. so nothing connects like a thread in the third book.

message 5: by Rohan (new)

Rohan | 10 comments I do not very much enjoy the three in one storyline as they talk about carvahall varden and the elves.

message 6: by Jake (new)

Jake | 5 comments yep,I do not like stories that have multiple story lines.

message 7: by tom (new)

tom | 5 comments Mod
Same here

message 8: by Jake (new)

Jake | 5 comments I think book three is going to have "real" actions. Since book two is creating all those tensions.

message 9: by tom (new)

tom | 5 comments Mod
yeah but the action could be in book four

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