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Cassandra Clare is a Plagiarist?
Megan Megan Aug 20, 2012 10:56AM
Some reviews of this book say that Clare plagiarised The Mortal Intruments series.
I never noticed that before. Who's work does she copy?

I have no idea. I think the reviewers may not, either, if they didn't say.

The idea of powerful objects being desired and sought after isn't new (Deathly Hallows, Ark of the Covenant, etc.), and the idea of warlocks and demons isn't new, but I thought the stories were pretty well done and original for all that.

There! Read that. I should think that would explain it. She is not a plagiarist though.

Joyce No they are the same people. Wikipedia doesn't spell check their words.
Aug 23, 2012 05:47PM
M 25x33
Daniel Actually they are the same person. She had her pen name changed from Claire to Clare
Aug 23, 2012 05:54PM

I don't consider these books plagiarized at all! Just because a book has similar themes as that of another doesn't make it copying, it just means that whoever wrote the first book of a similar theme wrote an archetypal story for all others containing that theme to come. Romeo and Juliet, for example, is the archetype of "star-crossed love" and we certainly see a lot of that in books these days.

Daniel (last edited Aug 23, 2012 05:11PM ) Aug 23, 2012 05:10PM   0 votes
From what i understand is that she just used quotes from other books and shows. She did not use them as her own.

Here is what she had to say about it.

The following are some quotes from Cassandra Claire on the situation:
"All I can say is that beyond never hiding the fact that quotes in the stories are taken from Buffy, Monty Python, Red Dwarf, and so on, I've clearly stated it in my disclaimers for the stories, there have been multiple (and in-depth) discussions on PoU about the quotes with people having fun identifying them, and I even have an unofficial quote-nabbing game with some of my fellow authors."

Subject: [cassie & Rhyseen] *is quietly mystified* June 23, 2001
"As for The Secret Country, I also stated in my disclaimer that Draco's trip to the afterlife was an homage to Pamela Dean, and a friend of hers (Pamela Dean's) wrote me after I posted it nd said she loved the homage, thought it was great. There was some discussion of Dean's books on the PoU list as well afterwards. I was planning to do some crossover stuff with it down the line. "

Subject: [cassie & Rhyseen] *is quietly mystified* June 23, 2001
"I am not planning on changing the style in which I write my stories, or ceasing to include homages and references where I wish to. "Plaigarism" is, by dictionary definition, borrowing work from a source and passing it off as your own. I have borrowed quotes, and quite intentionally paraphrased that scene from Pamela Dean, and was quite clear in stating that I was doing so. I was *not* passing off the Buffy quotes or any other reference as my own work (as anyone on this list clearly and surely knows.) However, as far as is concerned (from what I can tell) they do not care that I clearly cited the works I borrowed from.

I don't think that's true

SHE PLAYGARISED OFF OF VAMPIRE ACADEMY. ESP THIS BOOK. in va rose ond co had to find a special weapon to return dimitri to the good side. now if we substitute clary instead of rose and jace for dimiti, what do we get?

Uhm...what?!? This question makes so little sense, it's mind boggling. Seriously.. The mind - it boggles.

This book IS a part of The Mortal Instruments series, so it plagiarised what, exactly? And how the hell did you read four books in a series without noticing?

This series is too good to belong to someone else, to have been plagiarized.

no she didnt..... the mortal instrument is 100% original.

The Series is originally from a Fan fiction written from the Harry Potter series and there are alot of similarities i.e. Mundans - Muggles, Valentine - Voldemort, The Mortal Instruments - The Deathly Hallows etc. And alot of people are saying the plot of the 5th book is excatly like Vampire Academy books 4 & 5.

Alot of Clares ideas came from other books but they've been altered enough that it can't really be called plagarism.

LOL NO SHE DIDN'T! I would think before you say that next time :)

Her work is already famous, turn into a films... I don't think it doesn't matter anyway.

I've heard about the same thing, Megan, and was just as confused. From what I was able to grasp the main plagiarism accusation didn't pertain to TMI, though it sort of spread to it afterwards, but was about some sort of fan fiction Cassandra Clare wrote called the Draco Trilogy, and then she was banned from that fan fiction website. It was weird, and after skimming multiple articles I basically said, 'forget this, TMI and ID are awesome.' :)

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