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Be yourself
An old post from my blog
chapter 1: Everyone else is... (added 2012/01/08)

The Girl of his Dreams
When Arman started to have trouble sleeping he didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but soon he would find out it was the start of a chain events that changed his life. To remedy his recent insomni ...more
chapter 1: A Sleepless Night (added 2011/12/15)
chapter 2: They say insomnia has never killed anyone... (added 2011/12/17)

Date horror stories
A story about the worst executed date I've ever been on.
chapter 1: The story (added 2011/11/20)

My Poetry
Poems I've written
chapter 1: Ocean Eyes (added 2011/11/06)
chapter 2: Poem: Heartache (added 2011/11/08)
chapter 3: Poem: *Insert Title Here* (added 2011/11/08)

Love is Patient
My view on the story of Romeo and Juliet
chapter 1: Love is Patient (added 2011/09/22)