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Jean Craighead George
140,082 ratings (average 3.91)
137 works

My Side of the Mountain On the Far Side of the Moun... Frightful's Mountain
(3 books)
4.01 avg rating — 67,588 ratings

Julie of the Wolves Julie Julie's Wolf Pack
(3 books)
3.82 avg rating — 59,081 ratings

Who Really Killed Cock Robin? The Missing 'Gator of Gumbo... The Fire Bug Connection: An... The Case of the Missing Cut...
(4 books)
3.47 avg rating — 636 ratings

Bubo, the Great Horned Owl Masked Prowler: The Story o... Dipper of Copper Creek Vulpes the Red Fox Meph, the Pet Skunk
(6 books)
3.79 avg rating — 415 ratings

One Day in the Alpine Tundra One Day in the Prairie One Day in the Woods One Day in the Tropical Rai... One Day in the Desert
(5 books)
3.57 avg rating — 352 ratings

The Moon of the Monarch But... Moon of the Alligators The Moon of the Deer
(13 books)
4.11 avg rating — 185 ratings

Frightful's Daughter Frightful's Daughter Meets ...
(2 books)
3.85 avg rating — 144 ratings