The Professionals Series

3 primary works • 3 total works
Who is Mr. Who?
The FBI says he doesn’t exist.
The CIA claims he’s just a myth.

So how do you stop an evil criminal mastermind
when no one’s ever seen his face?

Meet The Professionals
—a group of precocious 11-year-olds, each with their own careers.

Armed with only their smarts and skills, they must hunt Mr. Who across the globe and piece together his…

Book 1

Anna Smudge: Professional Shrink
· 35 Ratings · 9 Reviews ·
published 2008
· 1 edition
A dangerous escaped hitman. An art teacher who ha…
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Book 2

Quenton Cohen: Professional Chef
· 4 Ratings · 3 Reviews ·
published 2010
· 1 edition
Book Two of the award-winning series THE PROFESSI…
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Book 3

Rachel Riley: Professional Reporter
Book Three of the award-winning series THE PROFES…
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