The Automobile Girls Series

6 primary works • 6 total works

Book 1

The Automobile Girls at Newport; or, Watching the Summer Parade
In these pages, you will meet Ruth, Barbara, Molli…
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Book 2

The Automobile Girls In The Berkshires; or, The Ghost of Lost Man's Trail
Mollie Thurston, we are lost!" cried Barbara drama…
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Book 3

The Automobile Girls Along the Hudson; or, Fighting Fire in Sleepy Hollow
I think I'd make a pretty good housemaid," said Ba…
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Book 4

The Automobile Girls at Chicago; or, Winning Out Against Heavy Odds
BARBARA THURSTON awakened with a violent start. "W…
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Book 5

The Automobile Girls at Palm Beach; or, Proving Their Mettle Under Southern Skies
"I don't believe anything could be more lovely tha…
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Book 6

The Automobile Girls At Washington; or, Checkmating the Plots of Foreign Spies
Barbara Thurston stood at the window of a large ol…
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