Auguste Lupa Mystery Series

2 primary works • 3 total works
Auguste Lupa is the reputed son of the famous consulting detective Sherlock Holmes.

While not mentioning Nero Wolfe by name, John Lescroart suggests in two books that the main character, Auguste Lupa (the son of Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler), later becomes Nero Wolfe.

The original Rex Stout novels are listed here and other novels by Robert Goldsbo…

Book 1

Son of Holmes
· 538 Ratings · 61 Reviews · published 1986 · 17 editions
They say he is the son of Sherlock Holmes...The au…
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Book 2

Rasputin's Revenge
· 331 Ratings · 28 Reviews · published 1987 · 14 editions
Auguste Lupa, reputed son of Sherlock Holmes, the …
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Book 1-2

Son of Holmes and Rasputin's Revenge: The Early Works of John T. Lescroart
In Son of Holmes, Auguste Lupa, Sherlock Holmes' p…
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