Areios Brothers Series

3 primary works • 3 total works
Set in an alternate universe where the Olympian gods have awakened from a two thousand year slumber and begun reclaiming the world, the series follows the human descendants of Ares, Derek Areios and his younger brother Liam, as they are swept up in a conspiracy that will either see the Titans remained in their prison, or be unleashed.

Book 1

Storm of the Gods
· 41 Ratings · 35 Reviews · published 2018 · 4 editions
Thirty years ago, the gods of Greek legend…
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Book 2

Hunt of the Gods
· 16 Ratings · 12 Reviews · 3 editions
Power always demands a price.

Two months have…
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Book 3

Fury of the Gods
Fate brings consequence.

Separated from his…
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