The Hotel Paranormal Series by Aria Kane

15 primary works • 15 total works
The Hotel Paranormal is THE place for supernatural beings looking to get away from it all. Beings like werewolves, vampires, elves, sprites, djinn and more check in from all over the world for business and for pleasure -- and sometimes for both.
Chasing Luck
Leprechaun Anya Rooney wants out of the family bus…
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The Red Strokes
· 10 Ratings · 3 Reviews · 1 edition
Anna just inherited her aunt's psychic gift, and i…
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Lily's Grace: A Hotel Paranormal Story
Reaper Alex Dante did her job, never letting the s…
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Refused to Reign
· 8 Ratings · 8 Reviews · 3 editions
When Reider relinquished reign of the wolf pack to…
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· 9 Ratings · 7 Reviews · published 2016 · 3 editions
Average is for the birds.

And Jane Jones is averag…
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Meeting with My Maker
· 44 Ratings · 24 Reviews · 4 editions
Trapped by the cobwebs of her past, Annora Lachman…
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The Fox's Wager: A Hotel Paranormal and Save Tomorrow Novella
A Hotel Paranormal story.
The Hotel Paranormal is T…
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Skin Thief
· 1 Ratings · 3 editions
Ninovan Arrighi thought she’d seen it all, until s…
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Death Chaser
· 12 Ratings · 7 Reviews · 2 editions
Sam Cross was dead and had been put on that list. …
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Catch and Release
Lila is one of the last Succubi alive. After the a…
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Bounty Huntress
· 12 Ratings · 6 Reviews · 2 editions
Janda Gray’s a Lykoi—part werecat, part wolf—shunn…
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Unveiled: A Hidden Coast Paranormal Romance Novella
Desire comes with a wicked price.

The long-lost V…
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Soleli's Secret: The Hotel Paranormal
Will exposing her deepest desire set her free, or …
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Siren's Curse
· 17 Ratings · 8 Reviews · published 2016 · 1 edition
When the Sirens of ancient Greece retreated to dee…
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Dragon's Pursuit: A Red Slaves Novella
· 41 Ratings · 40 Reviews · published 2017 · 5 editions
Maxim Krempenski wants to get through his thesis d…
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