The Italian Saga

5 primary works • 5 total works

Book 1

An Italian Adventure
· 75 Ratings · 29 Reviews ·
published 2015
· 4 editions
How was growing up in Italy in the 1980s?
Leda is…
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Book 2

Out of the Nest: An Italian Summer
· 28 Ratings · 9 Reviews · 4 editions
Italy, 1990. At eleven, Leda is a strong-headed b…
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Book 3

Forget Nico: Falling for the Wrong Italian
Italy, the 90s. When Alex takes an unexpected int…
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Book 4

Sex-O-S: The Tragicomic Adventure of an Italian Surviving the First Time
Is strong-headed teen tomboyLeda ready for her fi…
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Book 5

Finding Leda, the Science of Happiness
Italy, the 2000s. What does it take to be happy?…
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