Amanda Lester, Detective Series

6 primary works • 7 total works

Book 1

Amanda Lester and the Pink Sugar Conspiracy
· 104 Ratings · 57 Reviews · published 2015 · 6 editions
Twelve-year-old Amanda Lester wouldn't be caught…
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Book 2

Amanda Lester and the Orange Crystal Crisis
If only Sherlock Holmes's great-great-grandson we…
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Book 3

Amanda Lester and the Purple Rainbow Puzzle
Purple rainbows, a mysterious crypt, and pots of…
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Book 4

Amanda Lester and the Blue Peacocks' Secret
· 21 Ratings · 9 Reviews · published 2016 · 3 editions
What does a dusty old secret have to do with peac…
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Book 5

Amanda Lester and the Red Spider Rumpus
It only takes a moment to spill a secret.

The dete…
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Book 6

Amanda Lester and the Gold Spectacles Surprise
What is Professor Scribbish hiding?

Amanda and her…
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Book 1-4

Boxed Set: Amanda Lester, Detective, Legatum Continuatum Year 1
The books readers are calling "Sherlock Holmes me…
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