Naval Institute Special Warfare Series by James E. Parker Jr.

20 primary works • 20 total works
Covert Ops: The CIA's Secret War In Laos
· 51 Ratings · 6 Reviews · published 1995 · 3 editions
Uncommon war. Uncommon bonds.

In 1972, U.S. soldier…
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Project Alpha: Washington's Secret Military Operations in North Vietnam
The Mission: Penetrate North Vietnam
In the early d…
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The Naked Warriors: The Elite Fighting Force That Became The Navy Seals
Unarmed, underwater, under fire-they went to war, …
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You're No Good to Me Dead: Behind Japanese Lines in the Philippines
An extraordinary account of one Allied Intelligenc…
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Darkmoon: Eighth Army Special Operations in the Korean War
A definitive account of the top secret "dark of th…
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Raiders of the China Coast: CIA Covert Operations During the Korean War
Describes top-secret raids launched by Chinese Nat…
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Mobile Guerrilla Force: With The Special Forces In War Zone D
Without artillery support, without reinforcements,…
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Commandos from the Sea: Soviet Naval Spetsnaz in World War II
The story of the Eastern Bloc's toughest, best-tra…
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Project Coldfeet: Secret Mission to a Soviet Ice Station
· 14 Ratings · 4 Reviews · published 1996 · 2 editions
The first-time description of one of the most exot…
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The Men Behind the Trident: SEAL Team One in Vietnam
Dennis J. Cummings, author of "SEAL Pointman", ret…
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Night of the Silver Stars
· 52 Ratings · 8 Reviews · published 1997 · 2 editions
In Vietnam, 1968, the enemy was planning the kind …
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North Korean Special Forces
· 11 Ratings · 2 Reviews · published 1988 · 2 editions
In this startling study, a leading expert on the s…
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Lost Crusade: America's Secret Cambodian Mercenaries
· 16 Ratings · 1 Reviews · published 1998 · 4 editions
When Peter Scott began a 1968 tour in Vietnam advi…
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He Who Dares: Recollections of Service in the SAS, SBS, and MI5
The story of the author's extraordinary experience…
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Feet to the Fire: CIA Covert Operations in Indonesia, 1957-1958
The first unclassified study of the CIA campaign t…
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In the Devil's Shadow: UN Special Operations During the Korean War
This highly readable recounting of the secret UN w…
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Fortune Favors the Brave: The Story of First Force Recon
· 3 Ratings · 1 Reviews · published 2000 · 1 edition
Force Recon's first commanding officer chronicles …
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Green Berets in the Vanguard: Inside Special Forces, 1953-1963
An uplifting and sometimes harrowing memoir of the…
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Force Recon Command: 3rd Force Recon Company in Vietnam, 1969-70
· 90 Ratings · 3 Reviews · published 1995 · 5 editions
In o…
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Air Commando: Inside The Air Force Special Operations Command
Fly anything. Go anywhere. Make the enemy pay.

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