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Constellation Games by Leonard RichardsonKilling Is Harmless by Brendan KeoghConfessions of the Game Doctor by Bill KunkelGeneration Xbox by Jamie RussellThe Making of Karateka by Jordan Mechner
StoryBundle #7 - The Video Game Bundle
12 books — 13 voters Presents by Kurt KalataRise of the Videogame Zinesters by Anna AnthropyBlue Wizard Is About to Die by Seth 'Fingers' Flynn BarkanDreamcast Worlds by Zoya StreetVaporware by Richard Dansky
StoryBundle #12 - The Video Game Bundle 2.0
9 books — 3 voters
Designers & Dragons by Shannon AppelclineBible Adventures by Gabe DurhamDesigners & Dragons by Shannon AppelclineDesigners & Dragons by Shannon AppelclineVirtual Reality by Kill Screen Magazine
StoryBundle Summer Video Game Bundle
9 books — 3 voters
Chrono Trigger by Michael P. WilliamsZZT by Anna AnthropyDelay by Zoya StreetIn Play by Neils ClarkGamers at Work by Morgan Ramsay
Storybundle The Video Game Bundle 4.0
8 books — 2 voters
Phantasm Japan by Nick MamatasThe Battle Royale Slam Book by Nick MamatasThe Future is Japanese by Masumi WashingtonGenocidal Organ by Project ItohThe Lord of the Sands of Time by Issui Ogawa
StoryBundle: The Haikasoru Japan Sci-Fi Bundle
10 books — 2 voters
Bad Apple by Kristi Petersen SchoonoverHollow World by Michael J. SullivanAngry Ghosts by F. Allen FarnhamDemonic Visions 50 Horror Tales by Chris RobertsonDeath Dreams Deluxe by Chris Robertson
StoryBundle #13 - Sci-Fi Saturday Night Bundle
7 books — 2 voters
Jagged Alliance 2 by Darius KazemiA Mind Forever Voyaging by Dylan HolmesSUPER iam8bit by Jon M. GibsonClipping Through by Leigh AlexanderHardcore Gaming 101 Presents by Kurt Kalata
Video Game Storybundle 5.0
10 books — 2 voters
Surviving the Game Industry by Matthew WastelandCómo hacer juegos de aventura by Manuel AlfonsecaHow to Talk about Videogames by Ian BogostPlaying at the World by Jon PetersonA Psychogeography of Games by Hannah Nicklin
Giga Video Game Storybundle
9 books — 2 voters
How to Do Things with Videogames by Ian BogostAtari Inc. by Marty GoldbergService Games by Sam PettusGhosts in the Machine by Lana PolanskyEarthBound by Ken Baumann
StoryBundle #15 - The Video Game Bundle 3.0
7 books — 1 voter
The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design by Mike SelinkerHardcore Gaming 101 Digest Vol. 1 by Kurt KalataVideogames for Humans by Merritt KopasShadow of the Colossus by Nick SuttnerExp. Negatives by Mathew Kumar
Mega Video Game Storybundle
8 books — 1 voter
Anything But Sports by David L. CraddockComplete Kobold Guide to Game Design by Wolfgang BaurSuper Mario Bros. 3 by Alyse KnorrHardcore Gaming 101 Presents by Kurt KalataFighting Game Fundamentals by gootecks
Pico Video Game Storybundle
6 books — 1 voter
Baldur's Gate II by Matt   BellMetal Gear Solid by Ashly BurchSHOOTER by Reid McCarterVideo War by Stephen ManesStay Awhile and Listen by David L. Craddock
StoryBundle Video Game Bundle 7.0
8 books — 1 voter