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Mad Mary Lamb by Susan Tyler Hitchcock
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I enjoyed this book about Mary Lamb. I wasn't all that familiar with Charles Lambs writings, only the name. I can't see that he was all that witty, but of course it was a different time and different humor. I did find reading about Mary's madness and how they dealt with it pretty interesting. Without knowing too terribly much about psychiatric malady's, it was pretty plain that she was bi polar, or some such along those lines. I'm not sure how you murder your mother and not wind up in jail or hanged, but they put her in a madhouse for a short period of time...which started the pattern of her life in and out of madhouses. When she wasn't nuts, she did accomplish quite a bit. Certainly she and her brother hung with some of the foremost people of their day. I've always been interested in Mary Wallstonecraft Godwin...and although she was pretty much gone by the point that the Lambs came into Godwin's circle, it seems that Mary Lamb was pretty good at getting her own vindication for the rights of women. Go Mary! I appreciated the research that went into the book, and it's written well, were it not for the holiday season, I would have finished it much sooner, because it really goes right along!
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Anthony V. Toscano But why did you rate the book only three stars? And why the crude term "nuts" to describe a mentally ill person?

Janellyn51 I enjoyed it, it was well written and researched, and it moved along....it wasn't something I'd go around saying you have to read this book or anything. As to why I would use the "crude" term nuts to describe a mentally ill person.....I'm 64 years old. I was raised with the adage, sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me, and I cotton to that. I'm sick of all this political correct stuff. Maybe if people were allowed to develop a thick skin, you wouldn't have kids committing suicide because some crap bully kid said something about them. I went up to the bank the other day and there was a big drug bust going on, bunch of cruisers, lights, the whole 9 yards. I get in the bank and the teller is saying to a woman, you can't call it a Paddy Wagon anymore, it's a racial slur against Irish people. A police officer came in, a police officer whose father was in the Winter Hill gang, and the teller asked him what you call the vehicle you put the arrestee in...Leo said a paddy wagon....then he said but now we have to call it a mobile detention center....do you have any idea how stupid I think that is? I'm Irish, I couldn't care less if or why you call it a Paddy wagon. Nor do I think Mad Mary Lamb cares that I called her nuts, but just so I'm clear, calling her mad is ok, but calling her nuts isn't?

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