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The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet by Stephanie Morrill
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I connected with this book on so many levels! (It was awesome and uncanny all at once.) The WHIZZ-POP of this book is: Ellie Sweet is a writer. A book about writing? Not just about the process, but about getting published and querying and agents? Insta-love for me.

First of all: Ellie Sweet. She narrates, with a quirky yet serious voice. I looooved Ellie’s character. (She reminded me of…my sister.) She’s serious, studious, intelligent (don’t get a big head, little sis), shy, and totally out-of-touch with other human beans. Yup. An awesome character. I think shy characters are underdone in literature. At least, they’re made to look like they need to change in order to “get a life”. It’s not true! I love the respect the author gave this character. I love how being an introvert wasn’t thought of as a “thing to change”. Woot! Introverts unite! (Individually.)

The story-line? Nice. It’s a contemporary, with the usual bells and whistles of school life, clichés, and teenage hair crisis’s. To be flatly honest, if this book hadn’t had the writing element, it would have been kind of predictable and mediocre. I think the writing element made it POP. I was totally hooked. Buuut, in all reality, it’s about a shy girl who suddenly finds herself in the middle of a love-triangle. Her friends are jerks and her family doesn’t notice her. Heard it before? Probably a million times. This is the only reason it lost a star for me.

But the writing part? Ohmygosh, where do I start??!! I loved how Ellie was going through “the process”. She’d finished her book and was researching agents/querying/editors. The works, peoples! It was really exciting. I didn’t learn anything, per se, but it was dang fun to read and be like, “Oh yeah! I know that!” and “I remember when I learnt that tip” and “heck yeah, queries are soooo hard to write!” For me, it was an awesome thing. I loved how Ellie handled rejections: tears and chocolate. Can I be anymore endeared to this character?!! (view spoiler)

There were a few lose ends, such as: did Bronte (Ellie’s writing mentor) ever get over her huff? And, did Ellie’s brother, James, get over himself?

I loved Ellie’s parents too! I just read a book where I was super disappointed in the parents. (YA parents are often betrayed as jerks, seriously, they are.) But Ellie’s parents were awesome. Okay, so they had flaws. But they were really there for Ellie. In the end, anyway. I really hated how they openly doted on James so much more then Ellie. I mean, heck, I kind of feel the same way about my older brother and having my parents fawn over him more. (Another level I connected with Ellie on!) So I was super mad at her parents for most of the book. All in all, though, I wanted to hi-five them in the end.

What I loved MOST about this book (besides the writing bit…okay, so I have two loves, but let’s not get technical) was…ready for it? This is a Christian book. I HATE Christian books. (I’m sorry!) I’m a Christian, but I find Christian books (especially YA ones) Bible bash and preach more then tell an interesting story. NO ONE got saved in this book. NO ONE got preached at. In fact, it did what I love most: it just treated Christianity as “part of life” and didn’t make a massive fuss over it at all. I loved Ellie’s morals and beliefs and how they were part of her, and not preached at any point. This is a good example of Christian literature. Seriously, the only other Christian book I’ve liked is RIVEN by Jerry B Jenkins.

A fun, light, and fabulous read, I loved THE REVISED LIFE OF ELLIE SWEET. Where is the sequel? WHERE?!!

"Conversation appears to come easily to him, a skill I long for. That’s one reason I like writing so much better than speaking, the ability to edit. Oh, if only you could edit real life."

"Are all non-readers totally clueless about how obnoxious it is to be engrossed in your book only to find someone suddenly talking to you?"

"Everybody thinks they know me so well. What a delight it’d be to shock them. If only I could snap my fingers and get my book published. That’d shock them for sure."

"Luck, indeed. Emma Miller tells me it’ll take a publishing contract to make me appeal to literary agents. Erica Chally tells me I need an agent to get a publisher. And where does that leave me? In need of a good cry and some chocolate."
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Cathy Daniel This is an amazing, yet hilarious, review! Bravo!

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