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Bleed for Me by Michael Robotham
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A compelling read spoiled because the author broke the golden rule - never kill the frigging dog! Having an animal tortured and not showing much reaction is unnecessary and upsetting. I enjoy Robotham's work and, apart from the dog episode, this was was cleverly put together. I get a bit peeved with Joe lamenting after his family. He does need to man up and confront the issue instead of letting his wife make the running. I have a feeling that if he wanted her less, she'd be back with him in a heartbeat. Just a woman's view!
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Magda I am also a little tired of his taking so much crap from his teenage daughter. I deserve it he says when she makes a very cruel comment. No finished yet but agree with your review so far. The dog torture was not necessary.

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy Agree 100%. Joe doesn't call the police?? Or tell his children about the dog?? Obviously the author doesn't have dogs.,,

Jennifer Foster I'm surprised that you rated the book so poorly based upon a fictional dog. "Dog torture" is quite an exaggeration. I found this book well written and extremely entertaining. I am also an animal lover but didn't find that scene distasteful. Sure it was sad but it was a very minor event in a book filled with exciting twists and turns. I would rather him write about a dog dying than a child dying any day.

message 4: by Ginny (new)

Ginny Of course you do, Jennifer. So what if a dog is a sentient, emotional being? And in the case of the dog in this book, a sweet-natured, kind and loyal dog. If we're talking about the idea of who deserves it more (which, by the way, no one was besides you) then at least it was an animal who suffered and not a child. It's attitudes like these which don't make it surprising to me that hardly anything is being done about the earth's climate crisis or about animals being hunted and tortured so that their horns can be used for aphrodisiacs. At the end of the day, human needs and desires trump everything else, after all.

And by the way, 'dog torture' is not an exaggeration. When Joe calls the vet, he says 'someone tortured my dog'. Or what do you call what happened to Gunsmoke? A walk in the park? It might have been a minor event to you and the author, but some people don't take cruelty to animals lightly. Readers picking out a distasteful scene in a book that seems to have just existed to draw a shocked response out of them is, I believe, necessary for other people who want to read it but who might find events such as these traumatising or upsetting. And yes, there are people who would be that badly affected by reading about something this horrible happening to any living being, not just a child. Not one of the commenters in this discussion insulted the writing or the book's entertainment value, and I would most certainly read another one of the author's books. That doesn't mean drawing out the dog's suffering in the book, only to hardly allude to it or for the protagonist and his family to not be affected by it, is necessary.

message 5: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Smith I, for one, am extremely grateful that this was mentioned so that I know to stay away.

message 6: by Miratell (new)

Miratell Thanks for warning me about the dog. I'll skip this one so I don't get nightmares

message 7: by Coleen (new)

Coleen I was going to start the series with this. I will skip it and move on to the next. I'm so glad I read this review first. NEVER kill the frigging dog!!!

Carmen Agree..This author has decided that it was ok to sacrifice the dog to show how horrible his hunter is... if being almost run off the road and killed isn't enough. Author does not dwell on it, mention it to anyone... Bad move

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