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Fatal Roots by Sheila Connolly
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There are so many problems with this book, Maura especially, I don't even know where to start! I love a good Irish setting and the mystery surrounding the mystical Fairy rings just sounded so fun. Boy was I fooled. I forgot that I read a previous book in this series and already wrote it off due to the colossal fail of a main character, Maura Donovan. Note to self: Keep a track of all the mysteries on my shelf!

Aside from the extremely dull cold case mystery and the most anticlimactic ending ever, Maura is the most irritating part of this story. If I turned this book into a drinking game and took a shot every time she said, "I don't know how to do that," I would be wasted by chapter two! Girlfriend is in her 20s or 30s and doesn't own a computer nor cell phone. Why? Is this supposed to be charming? Considering all the mysteries she's had to solve in the past, you'd think she'd join us in the 21st century. Google is your friend, girl, especially since you don't know anything!

I suppose being a zillenial luddite is charming to some folks, but to me it's just silly. She's also quite dull and rather detached, the kind of person who's just, you know, there. I couldn't believe it when she was touring the mystical, possibly cursed fairy rings and just got bored. She admitted to being completely uninterested in history, which just makes me rather sad. Here she is living on this awesome plot of land in the Irish countryside that is steeped in local legends and lore...and she's just bored. This massive gift--a free house, acres of land and a pub--was handed to her on a silver platter and she's just feeling meh about it. She can't even find it in herself to be interested in the hot bartender she's sort-of dating. I don't know why the author bothered throwing in a romance when there is zero chemistry between those two. She even stated that they're both completely fine with not taking their relationship any further, so yeah, sparks are really flying...NOT.

Laslty, where was the editor? So many lines and phrases were repeated over and over. Did the author just need to fill a word-count quota and stuffed the sausage? I don't get how this even got the green light from a big-time publishing house.

Ugh, I can go on and on, but why bother. Just do yourself a favor and swerve. This is probably the worst, most boring drivel I've read in quite some time.

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