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Soundless by Richelle Mead
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Apr 02, 2017

really liked it

I read this on the recommendation of my sister. Although the premise is odd - you wonder how smooth will dialogue be when no one can hear? how good can the descriptions be when there's no sound? and when there is sound, how good can it be when the main character doesn't know the words to describe what she's hearing? - the book is actually quite good.

Unlike most books, the protagonist is not 'tough and strong'. Many female leads seem to require that they be 'different' than most girls. And while they may not use that lingo, you can see it in how they're written. They're stronger than other people, faster or otherwise better. They grew up in a forest or on a farm or doing hard labor or otherwise a blue-collar, harder lifestyle than a 'typical' girl. Not in 'Soundless'. Fei is not rugged. She's an artist. And the most amazing thing about her character arc is that she doesn't become rugged in order to save her people. Her art and creative ability are her strengths until the end.

I loved the use of creativity as strength, the idea that the arts are more valuable than straight force or brute strength. I loved the sisterly bond and how it carried throughout the story even when the sisters were nowhere near each other. I loved the visuals and descriptions and the tension within the society created.

If there is one thing wrong with the book, I would say it's actually a lack of conflict. While things do happen and bumps in the road do come up, I felt like the book sidelined it's main source of conflict. The king is mentioned several times, but he barely puts up a defensive to this new village. In fact, when his first attempt to subdue them fails, he gives up. Fei suggests he's a threat in narration during the epilogue, but the only thing we know of that he's done is spread a vague threat about doing business with the village so that people hopefully won't trade with them. This threat clearly isn't working. So while the book itself has plenty of tension and conflict, it ends with several issues regarding the king and the future of the village in regards to the rest of the world - and the attempt at answering those issues falls a bit short of satisfying.

Otherwise, a wonderful read. I do recommend it.

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