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The Weight of Rain by Mariah Dietz
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it was amazing

This book is insanely good! The whole story blew my mind. The plot is so original and totally not what I expected but much much better.

“Food is comforting to most people. It provides memories and a good reason to sit down and talk, or not talk and just fill yourself with yummy goodness.”


As I started reading the book I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop reading it until I was done. And that’s what I did. The story was so intriguing and interesting from the very start, it grabs you and it doesn’t let go until you’re done.

“King’s emotions are like drops of rain, and whether I want to or not, I feel all of them. First they tickle my skin, then coat me, refusing to be ignored. Finally, it seems they soak into me, reaching parts of me I don’t think anyone has ever touched. I’m not certain how he’s capable of doing so—I’m not sure he even realizes it.”

There are certain books in which the angst is too much, that you need to stop reading, take a break and then continue; and then there’s the other kind of stories that keep you glued to the pages until you’re done, until you’ve read all of the pages, and The Weight of Rain is one of those.

“I wish I wasn’t falling for this asshole. I wish he’d fall for me.”

The characters, the plot, the storyline, everything put together is a masterpiece. A piece of art. It takes you on a ride full of emotions. And you get to know the history of some of the characters and how that’s made them who they are.

“STAND UP straight. You have all of this beautiful height and long neck, and you stand there slouching like a tortured tortoise.”


Starting with Lauren, better known as Lo, the main character, she is amazing. She moved from a little town, away from her family, to the place where she could be herself and study whatever she wanted to. She has a big heart, and doesn’t let her past define her. Although as a human, she makes mistakes sometimes, she is able to recognize them and fix them. She is so smart, funny and talented and she isn’t aware of that, she is full of dreams and aspirations and she isn’t afraid of pursuing them. She is a really awesome character and it’s impossible not to love her.

“We don’t always need someone to put things back together for us. Sometimes we just need someone to try to understand our pains and frustrations and validate that what we’re feeling is okay.”

And King, omg King,I cannot describe how much I love him. He is so sweet and funny, although sometimes he got this bad boy façade because he was trying to pretend that Lo didn’t affected him at all. He is lovable. He breathes passion and is always worried about the others. He is smart and strong, kind and compassionate. And such a good person. And but the way, he says the best things.

“I think I could lose myself watching you discover yourself.”


I loved getting immersed into the Knight’s world, I was totally surprised by this family. And their friends. They all have incredible passion for what they do, and they are good people. Always trying to do the best for others, and protecting them. You get to experience their dreams and their fears.

“If you go into something already thinking you’re going to fail, what’s the purpose of doing anything in life?”

“We’d still be thinking the world is flat, fearing we’d fall off the edge if we got too far out. But I’m not going to let that fear ruin my chance at having one of the best things happen to me.”

The Weight of Rain has an amazing plot. It’s so interesting to discover facts about Lo, King, Kash, Summer, Charleigh, Allie, Mercedes, Parker, and even Kenzie.I was totally shocked when I discovered some of their secrets.

“We have to know sad in order to know happy, pain in order to feel pleasure, fear to teach us safety.”


“The good news is these downs remind you that you’re living. If life doesn’t offer both good and bad, we’ve lost our reason for existence.”

This book teaches you about how important is to not anyone else define who you are but you. You can make a choice whether what other people says about you makes an impact on you or it doesn’t. It gives you a lesson on how to be brave, and kind. About following your dreams no matter what, about making mistakes and not to be afraid of making them. To learn how to take responsibility for your actions and also, to be a good person in general. And also, it teaches about how important it is to fight for what you want.

“No matter what kind of barriers I tried to put up, you slipped through all of them. You’ve coated every last part of my skin and have worked your way into every depth of me, parts I didn’t even know existed.”

The Knight family has a special place in my heart. As well as Charleigh and Allie. And Lauren of course.This story needs to be read because you’ll get to know how Lo and King’s love story started, and how they overcame every obstacle they found in their way. I love them so much, and I hope you do too.

“The weight of our love is greater than anything, and it will always be just as the rain: inescapable.”

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