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Lord of Chaos by Robert Jordan
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it was ok
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Lord of Chaos is 900+ pages of people posturing for power by standing (or sitting) around talking. Painfully slow pacing with very little tension that ultimately arrives at a limp ending. It's quite possible this book could be removed from the series altogether and none would be the wiser.
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message 24: by Michael (new)

Michael Britt I loved book 1 & book 3, but I stopped at number 4 due to Nynaeve being too insufferable to bear the books anymore lol.

Hannah Greendale @Michael: I totally understand your decision. I'm torn, really, after reading this book. I had this week off for the holidays and wanted to get lost in an epic fantasy. Instead I trudged through a book that left much to be desired, and now I feel my week was wasted. I'm eager to read the WoT books that Brandon Sanderson wrote, but the idea of reading the books in between feels daunting. I've accepted that it will likely be years before I finally get to read the Sanderson books as my desire to pick up another of Robert Jordan's bloated books has begun to wane.

message 22: by Gary (new) - added it

Gary Sundell Sigh yet more "fun" to look forward to.

Hannah Greendale @Gary: Indeed. Book six is, in my opinion, the most difficult to get through thus far. Five dragged a bit, but at least it redeemed itself with a compelling ending.

message 20: by Gary (new) - added it

Gary Sundell I'll get to it and through it eventually.

Hannah Greendale @Gary: What is it about Wheel of Time? We all groan and roll our eyes and know that we're picking up a tome that's bound to be slow, yet we keep forging ahead in the series. What motivates you to read the next book? (For me, it's a keen interest to read the books written by Sanderson and, to a lesser to degree, to find out how the story ends).

message 18: by Gary (new) - added it

Gary Sundell The first time I tried reading the series I got hung up in book 4, it was the scenes with the Aiel that did me in back then, not sure why.
At least I got through book 4 this past year, although I reread books 1 through 3 in 2015. As to why, maybe I'm just stubborn and want say I finished it. :)

Julie Ack!! Yes!! Loved #s 1, 2, and 3, endured 4 & 5. . . felt resentful and cheated by #6!! Get to the point already, Mr. Jordan!!

Hannah Greendale @Julie: I'm right there with you.

message 15: by Nick (new) - rated it 3 stars

Nick P. Feeling the same way Hannah. I'm half way through 6 and it's really bloody slow. But like you I want to get to Sanderson's work and refuse to give up. In saying that I started WOT in 2010? So I'm averaging 1 book a year haha. I just find I can't go back to back on them, especially if it's a Nynaeve/Elayne chapter right out of the gates.

Hannah Greendale @Nick: I feel your pain, Nick. I actually read the first five books years ago, burned out on the series, and set it aside. Not too long ago, I decided to revisit the series, so I re-read books one through five. When I finally picked up book six, I was eager to see what would happen next and was rewarded with one of the slowest, most boring books I've ever trudged through. I still can't bring myself to pick up the next book, although I'm still hoping to pull off book seven before the year ends. We'll see . . .

message 13: by Nick (new) - rated it 3 stars

Nick P. Oh man that's a shame! Don't give up though. Just try not to think about braid tugging or neckline descriptions and you can do it! If you read the 7th one, I'll finish it by end of the year too. Deal?

message 12: by Gary (new) - added it

Gary Sundell I am going to take a break from various group challenges next month so I can read book 5.

Hannah Greendale @Nick: I can't make a definite deal, but I do have the seventh book slotted to pick up in November/December. I really would like to finish it before year's end. :)

Hannah Greendale @Gary: Book 5 has some good parts. Good luck!

message 9: by Timothy (new) - added it

Timothy Thomas Cole I read the first five in like 8 months, I'm just getting to the end of the 6th book after reading it for 4 months. I got through the Dark Tower and I will get through this story as well.

Hannah Greendale @Timothy: I've been trying to pick up the next book in the series for over a year. You're a trooper.

message 7: by Gary (new) - added it

Gary Sundell Years ago I bogged down in book 4. After getting my Nook and making use of some great sales, I have the full series on my Nook. In 2015 I reread books 1 through 3. In 2016 I reread/read book 4. 2017 was such a miserable year I did not make it to book five until late in the year and then set it aside until this year when I finished it. I picked up books 6 and 7 in Audible format after getting my new Kindle Fire. Hopefully I can get through both this year.

Sarah Nelson Well! I just finished Fires of Heaven on Audible. I took a little break on the high fantasy and decided to dive into a nice book about a koolaid (Road to Jonestown).

Now I’m nervous to head back into WoT once I finish up.

message 5: by JE (new)

JE Stby So not just do as I plan? I've read #1through #4 last couple of months, gonna read #5 shortly. 95% sure I'll just read summaries of the middle books found online, and then continue with the last 3 books. What do you think?

Susie This is exactly my point of view. I avoided this series for years and years because there are so many books and also because of their size. I've been burned with other series with long books/series and figured this would be another one like that and boy was I right. This book took me an entire year to read. I can burn through a book like this in a week no problem normally. I only started the series when Sanderson finished it because I love him. I'll eventually push onto the next books but ugh.

Sirbooksage I read this book a long time ago and stopped. But it was more to do with wanting to wait for the series to be finished before restarting. I'm on this book again now, and giving it a try on audiobook. I believe this is the longest book in the series written by Jordan. I'm determined to finally finish this series by April. I want to catch up to participate in the WoTaLong (Wheel of Time Readalong) group discussions each month.

message 2: by Gary (new) - added it

Gary Sundell It is looking doubtful that I will finish this book this year. Two months to go and I am still in Chapter 1.

John This is such a nonsense review.

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