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Rock Wedding by Nalini Singh
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it was amazing

Took my heart to places I never wanted to leave….

Sarah and Abe were going to open themselves to each other in ways that surprised even this seasoned reader’s heart… I hit 20% and already I knew, I knew, this book was going to be something special. I immediately started looking around to talk to others who just had to be feeling the same way. Surely everyone is reading this book! Savoring this book just like me. Well, they either are or will be!

The sorrow, the heartbreak, the raw emotion gutted me and left me a sobbing mess more than once. Running out of tissues was a small price to pay for the sheer joy of this story. Add in redemption, forgiveness and unselfish love, and this author moved from my favorite authors list to a shelf all on her own…

Sarah Smith went through life feeling like she didn’t belong. When she found Abe Bellamy, was included in his family—both blood and band—she tried to do everything right, to finally fit in, be loved. She knew Abe’s feelings weren’t as deep, but hers were enough to bridge the gap. Until Abe finally let his demons loose on the one who never left his side. And shattered even that bond…

Gawd, how do I explain the sadness, the happiness, the heart-wrenching emotions this story took me through? Sarah lost so much in her life, was pummeled over and over, but each time she stood back up, to be the kind, incredible person she couldn’t even acknowledge of herself. My heart broke for her and Abe as they went through so, so much. More loss then anyone should have to handle. And through it all, through rejection, grief and pain, Abe realized what he had, what he could have again, and started a full-on assault to recovery that was paved with humbling gentleness and caring that would soothe both their spirits.

“It wasn’t atonement, wasn’t redemption. It was hope… and need… and love.”

I’m trying to find mere words to describe how this book made me feel—how it made me feel all the feels—but maybe this works best…

“You have me… Whatever happens, however this ends, you have me. Always.”

100%. Drops the kindle. Face-plants on the pillow. Completely, happily, done.

Starts all over again… ~ Diane, 5++++++ stars!


Warning: fangirling/gushing ahead. Proceed with caution.

What happened to my words? I think Nalini Singh might have stolen them, with the help of a recovering addict, his ex-wife and a second chance romance that kept me enraptured for hours as I got lost in Ms. Singh’s amazing story-telling and world-building.

I’ll admit that I have probably said this about each of the excellent books in Ms. Singh’s Rock Kiss series, but Rock Wedding is my favorite. This book brought together the Schoolboy Choir family, and rounded out a series that I am thoroughly addicted to. It was the perfect ending, while also serving as a beginning. Hopefully of a spin-off series, definitely of a love between a husband and wife that needed to be salvaged, rediscovered, made new.

And what a love it was. It screamed at me from the pages of this book. Despite the ups and downs, the way my heart ached and my eyes watered for this couple—but most especially for the brave and strong Sarah—meant that I was deeply, truly invested in them. It doesn’t matter that Abe and Sarah aren’t real; they felt incredibly real, as they made their emotions my own. I could feel their connection, their grief, their regrets, and It. Was. Perfect.

I have been waiting for this book. Not just since Abe and Sarah’s explosive side-story in the wonderful Rock Redemption, but since the beginning. Since Abe’s struggle with addiction, his roller coaster, heart-breaking problems became apparent. And it was worth the wait. He was wholly lovable, completely reformed, unutterably redeemed. He was a deserving hero—one who accepted and atoned for his mistakes, and worked hard to be a better man, a better person, a better husband because of that. I couldn’t have loved him more.

Just as I couldn’t have loved Sarah more. Ms. Singh did an amazing job of making her feelings for Abe known, while not belittling the pain he—and other soul-crushing events from her past—caused her. She proved to be the best kind of heroine; one who wasn’t a pushover, but was also willing to try. To be strong. To be forgiving. To be herself, when it would have been easy to get lost.

This wasn’t an easy story in a traditional sense; this couple had obstacles, and their HEA was hard-fought, but it was easy, so easy to get lost in it. I didn’t even realize that the hours had passed. I registered the tears that Rock Wedding won from me—tears of both intense sadness and overwhelming happiness—and I know it made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. But what I didn’t know what how totally and utterly immersed I was in this story until it was over.

Until I blinked my eyes, and stared at those final words, a smile cracking my face, my heart hopeful and happy. Until I realized I had to try to explain why this book is not only awesome, but also my favorite in the series—and that I had to do it without awkwardly fangirling and flailing and otherwise embarrassing myself.

I am aware I failed on that front. It seems that my words, when they returned to me, did so in a long gush over this book, but I don’t mind, and I hope you don’t either. All it does is, hopefully, entice you to pick up this book—or the earlier ones if you aren’t yet familiar with this series—and fall in love right along with me. It’s absolutely worth it. ~ Beth, 5 Abra stars
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