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Corrupt by Penelope Douglas
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it was amazing

How do I even begin to describe how much I loved every single dark, twisty, consuming, and unforgettable word of this book? To say I enjoyed reading Corrupt by Penelope Douglas is putting it too mildly. This book was so good, but even using the word good doesn't do this book and this author's thoughtfully crafted words the immense justice they deserve. I loved every moment in this book.

It kept me on the edge of my seat, had my heart pumping like crazy, and had me chomping at the bit to figure out what in the world was going on with these characters in this unputdownable book.

This book is for sure one of the best books I have read this year, and ever for that matter. It gave me a story that so superbly weaved together the best amount of suspense, heat and connection, and a story that just didn't quit. Penelope Douglas's writing was so phenomenal and well crafted, and it gave me a set of characters and a story that I know I will never forget. She made every twisty bit of this book unforgettable, and her writing allowed you to experience and feel every ounce of what her words had to offer. It doesn't get better than that. Trust me.

Now I am ashamed to admit that this is the first book I have read by this author, but I know that it will not be the last. The way she so brilliantly pieced this story together, the way she developed and gave me her raw and visceral and amazing characters, and the jaw dropping level of suspense and heat she so immensely gave me is something I will never forget. I seriously cannot wait to read more of this author's books. Her writing style just brought the world of this book to life. I felt every feeling and emotion, I got and understood every character. I felt like I was a part of the story because of how outstandingly she wrote this book.

Corrupt's storyline is one of the most well thought out ones that I have had the pleasure of reading, and that is exactly why I will be revealing none of it to you. You need to go into this book blind. You need to just dive straight into it because that is the best possible way to do it. Go in blind and let it consume you, let it corrupt you. Let it mesmerize you with every intense and mind bending and heat filled thing it has to offer. I am not lying when I say this book will consume your heart and your mind. Your mind will be trying to figure out how all of the thoughtfully placed puzzle pieces come together, while your heart will be trying to decide what it's feeling. Does it feel for Michael, does it even like him? Is it okay to want someone even when they do bad things?

The more and more Erika gets pulled into what's going on with Michael and his friends, the more you will be pulled in too. Corrupt definitely has a dark edge to it, and throughout the book you slowly start to piece together what in the world happened with all of these characters. The book is mainly told in the present tense, but it also flashes back to 3 years prior where you start to learn what started it all. You learn where the hate and the suspense and the dark and corruptness all started, and I am telling you now that you will love every single dark and twisty part of it.

The events of this book will make your jaw drop. It'll leave you in awe of what you're getting from these characters. It'll have your heart and your mind and your soul so beyond in this book because Penelope Douglas's writing pulls you in from the very first word. It'll have your pulse racing, your mind bending, and your entire being so beyond ready to figure out what is going on. The level of build in this book is extraordinary, and is truly in a league of it's own. That build will start from the first word of this book and will keep building and intensifying and growing so mesmerizingly until it all explodes in a way that will truly blow you away.

Trust me. You will not see the twists and turns of this book coming, and that is just part of what makes it so exceptional. It gives you the perfect balance of heat and connection and pull from these characters while giving you that story that just never quits. It all comes together in a way that will have you loving every word of what you're reading.

One of my favorite aspects of this book was getting into the heads of Erika and Michael, the two main characters. Erika, or Rika, along with Michael are both forces to be reckoned with. They are fierce and strong and they aren't giving up. Either one of them. She's been enamored by him since the moment they've grown up together, even though she dated his brother. He's always watched her too, only it's for a different set of reasons. There is much more than meets the eye with these two. You might think you know them, but the more you read this book the more you really get them. You see who they really are, you feel and see their strength, you get their flaws and their vulnerabilities, and you get the little bit of corruptness that comes from them both.

I absolutely loved Rika and Michael's characters. They were so unique and dynamic and the more I read them the more I was intrigued by them both. Those two do not have the easiest of stories, they are complex to say the least, but there is something truly electric between them. Something so fiery and strong that keeps building and intensifying throughout this book. Every page of this book gave me more of them, and I absolutely loved it. Erika and Michael are hands down some of the most interesting characters I've had the pleasure of reading. I loved them so fiercely and was completely enraptured by them both. The same could also be said for the supporting characters of this book.

Corrupt was an all-around must read that I loved every word of. It had the best dark and twisty edge to it, and gave me a story that I know I will never forget. It was captivating, mind bending, and it gave me the best amount of everything to make this book downright exceptional. There is so much to love in this book, and so much of it will blow your mind. It will shock you, surprise you, make you feel, make you blush (a lot) and all throughout it will push you. It will push your heart and mind. It'll push you to try to figure it all out. It'll push you to figure out if you love these characters, if you're just beyond taken with them, or if there is something just a bit too dark and twisty about them. It'll push you to think and wonder and feel and live in this book, and that is nothing short of everything.

Like I said, I loved this book. It is one of the best books I have ever read, and it gave me a story and a set of characters that I loved to pieces. It isn't the lightest of stories, and it definitely has a bit of a sinister side to it, but that's what makes it what it is. The story you so fully get with Michael and Rika in Corrupt isn't easy or rainbows and butterflies, but what it is is theirs. It's so very them, and every word and ounce of what you get while reading Corrupt will have you in awe of this book.

I am telling you, you need to read this book. It is so beyond good and It will give you a story you will never forget. It will bend your mind in the best possible way, it'll make you feel every bit of what these characters do, and you will be so beyond in this story every phenomenal and intense step of the way. The heat, the passion, the connection, the dark and twisty, the twists and turns, the puzzle pieces, the corruptness and so much more comes together in this book to give you a story that doesn't disappoint one bit. And it doesn't get better than that.

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Quotes Megan Liked

Penelope Douglas
“When you want to make an impression and you think you’ve gone far enough, go a little further. Always leave them wondering if you’re just a little bit crazy, and people will never fuck with you again.”
Penelope Douglas, Corrupt

Penelope Douglas
“Those who are patient, plan. And beware the man with a plan.”
Penelope Douglas, Corrupt

Penelope Douglas
“The only way we find out what we’re capable of is by getting into a little trouble.”
Penelope Douglas, Corrupt

Penelope Douglas
“And from Michael—as well as Damon, Will, and Kai—I learned to breathe fire. I learned to walk as if the path were carved for me and me alone, and to treat the world as if it should know I was coming.”
Penelope Douglas, Corrupt

Penelope Douglas
“Things done in the dark hours of night, behind closed doors, or in the heat of the moment looked a lot different in the morning, out in the open, and with a clear head.”
Penelope Douglas, Corrupt

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