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Rebel Fay by Barb Hendee
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Dec 05, 2007

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bookshelves: work-translations, 2007, in-english, straight, fantasy

** spoiler alert ** This 5th installment of the Noble Dead series was definitely better than the previous one but still nothing special. It was interesting to get to know the elves and their society better just like to learn more of the Forgotten History. And to finally see at least a part of the plot resolved.

On the other hand, there are some characters there that simply jar too much for me to truly enjoy this book. I mean the sage Wynn specifically. All she does is cause trouble and she never receives any punishment for her behavior. The authors are probably trying to "toughen" her up but she just gets more and more annoying as the series continues. What I hate the most is how Leesil and Magiere were "dumb-ified" to accommodate the much more educated Wynn. And another thing is how the authors stress that she's "fragile", "small" etc. on every damn page. It sounds like a bad romance novel.

What also disappointed me is the way the characters behave towards each other. They are "snapping", "yelling", "demanding"... Sorry, but these are not the characters that I liked in the first novel. They are permanently angry and with their dumb behavior, they cause more and more problems and blame them on everybody else but themselves - example: Wynn sneaks away (for no INTELLIGENT reason at all) but it's a) Osha's fault because he didn't guard them properly and b) Chap's fault because he sneaked away first... but he as a majay-hì could go whereever he wanted, she as a human not! And did she get punished? Of course not, because she's perfect after all! *snort*

I'm really disappointed and also glad that the next book is the last one in this series.

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