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Mrs. McGinty's Dead by Agatha Christie
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Apr 22, 2010

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Question 1: There are lots of character in this story. The characters are the people of the houses which Mrs. McGinty often worked in the village. Most of them are women and rich. One of these people are Mr. and Mrs. Carpenters, especially Mrs. Carpenter is a so rude woman and she likes to brag herself. Moreover she said that Mrs. McGinty was only a stupid old charwoman because she kept her money under the floor and somebody robbed and murdered her for it. This kind of words for a death women is so impolite for my culture. Although some people who are died really have so bad altitude or habits, we generally like to remember their good sides. We shouldn't go on to criticize them because they are also dead and can not answer our judgments. However, some people like in my country to gossip about death people in spite of this common social rule. I knew a person just like Mrs. Carpenter was our neighbor and her husband was died but she didn't look like sad. In addition, she said some bad habits belong to her husband again and again. We couldn't understand if she didn't love her husband why wait for his death to get rid of him? I think we shouldn't say anything about our death relatives or friends because it is not a respectful treatment.

Question6: I feel sympathy to Mr James Bentley who is suspected as a murder. Mr. James is shy and when he shocked he can not concentrate the situation. His characteristic is similar with mine because when he faces a dangerous situation he can not behave logically. For example, he saw the Mrs. McGinty's dead body but can not call the police instantly because of fear. This is a stupid mistake because this fault make him a suspicious person. He is similar me because sometimes i can not behave logical or reasonable, when i am shock. For example, when I was in high school, there was an earthquake in my city. Everybody tried to do something to save their life but i can not even move because of shock. So, i believe Mr. James innocent because i can understand him and his depression or fear.

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message 1: by Nancy (new)

Nancy GR#5

Hi Saliha,

If I remember correctly, Agatha Christie is popular in Turkey. I'm glad to know that you're reading Agatha in English. I'm also glad to know that you were able to synthesize an earthquake experience from your childhood with the event in this book.

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