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Whiteout by Greg Rucka
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Apr 22, 2010

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Whiteout is a fun, nothing-special thriller -- that just so happens to be set at the bottom of the motha-f****** Earth! Antarctica, as this books never forgets to mention, is a harsh mistress (Well, maybe not a "mistress"... what's the word for a woman who does you brutally up the behind, then tosses you in the gutter to die?) She's bad news for the few hundred researchers, military personnel and service staff who spend months at a time down there, huddled around a handful of settlements.

Carrie, the US Marshal and main protagonist, is after a murderer, "one of five men scattered across the continent." The victim? A man she finds on the ice, with his face torn off and a few man-made holes around him, remnants of core-sampling. So the tale unfolds and I won't give it away. Suffice it to say: it had to do with money -- if I was a hard-boiled cop or P.I. character I'd have to say, "It always does" right about now.

It really is nothing extraordinary -- but it's a fun read. The only thing I found particularly exceptional was the portrayal of the women, Carrie and her fellow investigator. They are real women through and through: neither has triple-F sized breasts, nor are they incredibly butch. They are just ordinary women who happen to be agents of federal law enforcement agencies, and, oh yeah, total bad asses.

Three stars for the excitement, the realistic portrayal of the female characters, and, oh yeah, the convincing rendering of the cold. I wasn't shivering when I read this -- but, I have officially unbooked my fantasy reservations to Antarctica's first "ice hotel."

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