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High Heat by Carl Deuker
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Apr 22, 2010

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** This book is set in modern times and begins in a wealthy community where Shane, the main character, is the closing pitcher on the high school baseball team. Early in the book, Shane’s father, who owns a car dealership, is accused of money laundering. Soon after, he commits suicide. Without his father’s income, Shane’s family cannot afford to stay in their home, and they are forced to move from a gigantic house to an apartment in a poor neighborhood. A family with a son who is Shane’s age moves into his old house, and he is a baseball player too. Shane dislikes him from the moment they meet because in some ways it seems that he is taking Shane’s place. Shane has difficulty coping with the change in lifestyle and the loss of his father and for a while, he gives up on everything including baseball and begins to make some bad choices. After getting into trouble and being assigned to a community service program, Shane finally gets his act together and decides to go out for baseball at his new school. When Shane’s new team confronts his old team, he accidentally (but maybe sort of on purpose) hits Reese, the boy whose family lives in his old house, in the head. Reese ends up in the hospital and both boys are extremely affected psychologically by the incident. This ends up bringing the boys together in a way that they never thought possible as they both strive to be the players the once were.

I am a huge baseball fan so that might be part of the reason that I liked this book so much, but I also felt that it was very well written. This is the perfect book for young adults who are sports fans because it has enough action to keep their interest, but it also has complex characters and important themes.


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