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The Journeyman by Michael Alan Peck
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Hmmm. For some reason, the concept of finite plot lines pushes its way to the front of my memory every so many years. I dont know when I first learned of the concept..high I remember more than one discussion about there being only seven plot lines and another about there being twelve. I remember these memories every so often because I do believe that nothing is new. Everything new is just something that was created before but with a different perspective...a different aspect. And I thought the same thing while reading this book. During some parts, I said to myself, "I've been here before."

The perplexing thing is...If I've experienced this before...then why do I keep turning the pages faster? Why can't I wait to find out what's next? Most importantly, why is this book so friggin great?

I was sent this book as a member of Goodreads Reviewer Association. I read the synopsis and was intrigued but went into reading with no expectations...I've been duped before, as we all have I'm sure. But from the first page...the first sentence...I kept reading, slowly being drawn into a unique adventure. Part adventure, part pilgrimmage, part quest....part fantasy, part horror, part sci-fi....part love story, part comedy, part religious epic...the story pulls like an amusement park ride. Sure...the story has plot lines I've read before and some well worn good vs. evil storylines...but it still remains unique. Sometimes the story reminded me of King's Dark Tower series..sometimes Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide, sometimes Matheson's What Dreams May Come and sometimes Gaiman's American Gods.'s still unique. It seems you're in a familiar film but author Michael Alan Peck has got a new lens. His visions are unique... sometimes funny, sometimes heartfelt, sometimes terrifying but always breathtaking.

Plot: A troubled youth, beat up by life and the congregate care system dies in a bus crash on a wintery highway. He arrives in the afterlife...a place of purgatory called: The Commons. The Commons is slowly becoming a wasteland, an almost fractured, post-apocalyptic Hollywood studio with sets and characters jumbled in a history of America. He is soon joined by a convoy of unimaginable characters that have one goal: Save the Commons from the reign of a diabolically, evil corporate giant who is stealing The Common's life essence. A journey that will not only save the convoy, but the other bus passengers...and maybe the world.

Michael Alan Peck's writing is beautiful, funny, creative and taut. He had a vision and saw it through. A mixture of mythology, religion and pop culture...this novel is the beginning of an epic. I give it 4.5 stars and not 5 only because I wanted something more than the ending he gave...but since it's book one...I can't be upset...I'm sure he's got it all worked out.
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