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Wanted by You by Steph Nuss
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really liked it
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4 "It’s always been you for me," stars!

Wanted By You is a book about friends, drifting apart, and finding each other again but this time admitting that their feelings go farther than "just friends".

My heart knew it wanted and needed Carter.

The minute Carter Jennings saw Ellyson Evans on their first day of college, he knew he found her. Her. The One. Carter makes sure to sit right next to her, borderline harassing her the entire of class. Lucky for him, she returned his feelings, and they become the best of friends.

Nothing could ever stop me from loving you.

After graduation, however, Carter gets a call from his mom, telling him he must come over and play CEO for his dad's oil company in Dallas while his dad recovers from an injury.
His dad's recovery took 4 years and the two friends lost touch. *Cue sad face*

I was absolutely crazy about her. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life without her.

After Carter's finally done, he moves back to New York to take up a position as English Professor at the same college he had gone to.
You will never guess what happens on his second day back?!
You guessed it! He runs into Elly! And this time, she's done playing games. She's ready to admit her attraction. After getting her number from a mutual friend, they agree to go clubbing with friends.

But this time, is it for real? Or will time do what it does best, and decide for them, ripping it away just as fast as it came?

“Get your keys out. I can’t wait. The minute we get up to your place, I’m burying myself inside of you. Right where I belong.”

I thought the way the author set up the book---showing the two meeting in the past then returning to the present time was a brilliant way to show the connection these two had---and what a connection it was!

“You’re mine. All mine.”

I thought the way the author staged the 're-meet' was great and I also liked the changes she added.

“Forever’s all I ever wanted with you.”

Things I was kind of skeptical about (view spoiler)
When Carter left New York fresh out of college to take his dad's place as CEO of a big-time, lots of money making oil company, while teaching online classes and working out like a bitch to stop thinking of Elly---for 4 years?! How was he not run down like a horse? That was a bit unbelievable.

This is one of those books where the couple is tight. They got together and were not going anywhere---and they didn't. There were never any couples issues, albeit there were quite a few reassurances on Carters side.

She was priceless and I was done taking her for granted.

Carter He was my rock. He was the calm and reassuring one. He never walked out, and if he did, he came right back.
Carter is the definition of the perfect man. He was patient, calm, sweet, reassuring, not afraid to plan ahead or admit he was wrong. He said what was on his mind and didn't keep secrets. Carter was alpha without being that jealous, possessive grizzly bear (that I know all of us really love!), he was hot, funny, not arrogant, not cocky (though he was described as cocky many times). He is determined, single minded, optimistic and always looking ahead.

Elly Elly is funky, a total tomboy but at the same time a total fairy princess. She is caring, snappy, witty, she listens but butts in, she is also sweet and loving, and sad. She's also "realistic" which means she really always expects the negative and is prepared for it. She is insecure, but not in herself and has healthy fear of cancer, which her mom died from.

Friends Elly's friends were almost all of them really Carter & Elly's friends from college. There were a lot, so I'm not mentioning names. Carter & Elly's friends were great characters. They had their own lives, their own problems, but didn't weigh down and overwhelm the book. They gave each other shit, were a constant for each other, were funny and entertaining & overall just brilliant characters.

“Hey laugh all you want. I’m the only one here getting sex on a regular basis.” Their laughter quieted, and the smiles on their faces drooped as they slumped back in their seats looking at each other.

Harper Harper is Carter's elder sister. She definitely had some issues of her own, but I was impressed with the author's ability to, instead of her weighing down the book, she boosted it up and filled it with light. (Was that poetic? That felt pretty damn poetic.) Harper was one of my favorite characters because she was the sweet, doting sister, but also the seriously famous Jen Harper---Fashion Designer.

“I’m so excited for you! First, we’re meeting family, then we’re popping the question and planning a wedding, and then making cute little Carter and Elly babies! I can’t wait!”
“You do realize you’re not a member of our relationship, right?”

Baylor Baylor is a cook. Yes, she's Baylor the baker. I know. Though Baylor has got to have her own bag of baggage (see what I did there?) it never showed. She was light character, there for support, authenticity, and humor. I thought her fantastic.

“Nope. No tattoo’s here.”
“Scared of needles?” I asked, smiling.
She rolled her eyes and waved a hand over her body. “Would you put a bumper sticker on a Lamborghini?”
“Oh, good Lord,” Harper griped.
I laughed, “No.”
“Exactly,” she said, totally confident. “Then you wouldn’t put a tattoo on a body like mine. It’s already a masterpiece.”

I have to mention; Carter's mom. I just have to. What a serious. Fucking. Bitch!! I had to mention her, purely so I could put this in. “Do you just wake up in the morning and pour bitch into your coffee?”

Carter has...baggage, I guess...from growing with 2 complete assholes. His dad has supposedly "gotten better", and from what I saw, he was fine, but he did have baggage, but we never saw any of it. It was mentioned, maybe twice. He acknowledges that they were, that's how they are, and he is his own man now. I was seriously impressed with that.

“You’re my only hope at seeing a happily ever after come true in the near future. Get to it, Romeo. “
“Romeo didn’t have a happily ever after!” I shouted after her. The last guy I wanted was to be Romeo. That fucker died all because he thought Juliet was dead when she wasn’t.

I know it may feel like I totally spilled the beans on this book...but you haven't even scratched the surface.

I have to say, I totally stole this from another friend who does brilliant reviews, but I had to add it when I saw these lines.
WTF moments: ….he ran a towel through his messy hair. I immediately wished I was the towel.
…I felt the love he had for me in that single look in the way it felt like his eyes were cradling my heart.

Thank you, Khanh!

Overall, this book was beautifully written, sex was skimped over a bit but plentiful enough to make up for it, romance was not push and pull, it was constant, but I Recommend it

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“You’re my home now.”
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