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The Time Pirate by Ted Bell
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Apr 21, 2010

it was amazing
Read from April 19 to 20, 2010 — I own a copy

Rollercoaster Ride Through Time

Time Pirate, Ted Bell’s new Young Adult novel and sequel to Nick of Time, comes back full steam ahead with a rip-roaring action packed adventure story for boys and men of all ages! 464 pages of non-stop thrills and chills that will have you on the edge of your seat from page one to the end.

Time Pirate picks up right where Bell left us at the end of Nick of Time, on the island of Greybeard in the British Channel Islands, with 12 year old Nick McIver getting ready for the inevitable coming war. The year is 1940 and as we start out this installment, the Nazis are slowly approaching and inching their way to invading the islands. Nick McIver’s friend Winston Churchill is doing his best to forestall the onslaught, but the powers that be have British troops retreating leaving the islands demilitarized and abandoned to fight for their lives on their own.

This story is pretty complex and involves many paralleled events that put Nick McIver and his friends Gunner, Lord Hawke, Commander Hobbes and his adorable little sister Katie, in quite the tailspin as they once again risk their lives for home and country. One day Nick uncovers his father’s old WWI fighter plane, a dilapidated old Sopwith Camel. With the help of Gunner, the islands Inn owner, they rebuild and rejuvenate the old plane to it’s original glory. After Nick presents his father with his old war prize, Angus McIver teaches his son to fly it himself just in time to do some real live spying and reconnaissance work for Churchill as his daily flights take secret mission photographs of the enemy. Death defying barnstorming scenes with Nick in the air shooting at Nazi’s, and German parachuters sailing onto home grounds, have Gunner and Nick realizing it’s time to fight. Together with the help of weapons specialist Hobbes, they create apple size bombs that allow our young hero to teach the enemy a few lessons.

But that’s not all that’s in store for Nick McIver. His old arch enemy, the evil pirate of the Caribbean, Billy Blood, is out for revenge after Nick sliced of his hand and comes to kidnap his sister and bring her back to 1781. Billy Blood wants the second time travel orb that Nick has in possession and uses Katie as bait to get Nick to travel back to the high seas to get his sister back in trade for Leonardo Da Vinci’s time machine. And while we the readers witness more high seas battles of wit with cannons firing and pirates dueling, Nick uncovers Billy’s secret mission to band together 100 pirate ships that will attack and overtake an armada in the Americas. His plan involves another historical event that involves George Washington, and General Lafayette amidst the American Revolutionary War at Yorktown Virginia, the crucial battle that ends the winning war for America that sent the Redcoats packing! Masquerading as a British drummer Boy, Nick goes undercover surviving in the wilderness alone, killing indians and becomes a double spy for both England and America, helping George Washington win the war.

This is a superb action novel that never lets up. It is finely written with wonderful characters both good and bad, and reflects detailed historical research on the author’s part that surely adds to the success of this series. When it comes to action and a hero destined for the classics, you can’t beat Nick McIver and his Time Travel adventures. Time Pirate has you hearing the clang of Pirate swords, cannon fire exploding upon tall ships of the high seas, the sound of blunderbusses and flintlocks, cavalry horses stampeding, and droning airplanes complete with bombs and bullets flying as Nick McIver once again saves the day Fabulous, absolutely positively fabulous!
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