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Paranoia by Joseph Finder
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Apr 20, 2010

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Adam Cassidy, a young man without ambition, is a low-level employee in the marketing division of Wyatt Telecommunications. Caught using company funds to throw a retirement party for a dockside worker, Nick Wyatt, ruthless head of the company gives Adam a choice--Federal prison or penetrate Trion, Wyatt s biggest competitor, as a corporate spy and ferret information on AURORA, a top-secret project that Wyatt fears will be a death knell for his company. Adam reluctantly agrees.[return]What follows is a very fast-paced but somewhat over-the-top corporate espionage thriller, complete with references to the latest in telecommunications gadgets and spyware, hi-tech security measures, and the up-to-date perks of the rich in 21st century US.[return]It s a fascinating story, and well-done from the corporate culture, industrial espionage, and hi-tech gadget point of view. In his Acknowledgements, Finder lists the people with whom he talked about the various scams as well as the telecommunications industry and state of the art technology: the list is impressive, and includes people from Cisco, Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard and others. Adam s use of the various gadgets and software does not seem far-fetched as happens in other spy-type books; it felt, while reading, as if the hardware and software were based in solid research, and it seems as if they were. It lends a nice authenticity.[return]The writing is not Lehane or Silva, but is certainly adequate to the plot. I had two problems with the plot, which prevented me from giving it a higher rating: there was just one too many high-risk security break-ins-- it pushed the book a little over-the-top for me; as well, the resolution has wonderful twist to it but again, a little too improbable, and there were some glaring loose ends.[return]But otherwise it s a fine, entertaining read in the genre. Recommended.
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