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A Slobbering Love Affair by Bernard Goldberg
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Apr 18, 2010

really liked it
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I am not into politics. I don't talk politics with friends. But I do know a bit about journalism, having studied it in school many years ago. What I learned back then is that reporting news is about giving the facts and covering important issues that matter to the public. After living through the U.S. presidential election of 2008, it seemed to me like a lot had changed in the world of journalism. It was no longer about providing a service to the people — it was about journalists doing all they can to make sure their own agenda was being met.

Bernard Goldberg discusses in great detail the lengths the mainstream media (i.e., network television and national newspapers) went to in order to get their man, Barack Obama, into the White House. Since the election was less than two years ago, a lot of the news coverage is still fresh in my mind. I recall all the glowing stories ABC, NBC, CBS (and cable network MSNBC) reported on Obama. I remember looking at the LA Times and New York Times online, and seeing photos of a smiling, energetic Obama juxtaposed with images of a frumpy, mean-looking McCain. In my opinion, neither candidate was a looker, but it upset me that Obama was always presented as a celebrity — basically a rockstar — in the media while John McCain was shown to be nothing more than a boring, old politician.

Looking back to 2008, I can remember hearing and reading about Obama's associations with terrorist Bill Ayers and radical pastor Jeremiah Wright. But it wasn't from viewing the nightly news, it was from political blogs that pointed out the fact that the major television networks and newspapers were NOT digging deeper into these topics when interviewing Obama or running a story about him.

This isn't a straight-out anti-Obama, anti-Democrat book. It criticizes McCain and the Republican party too, and how they had a hand in losing the election themselves. No, this book is more about the liberal media and how they blatantly endorsed a candidate they knew so little about. Sure, they knew Obama used to work at Baskin-Robbins when he was in school, and that he likes to play basketball. But they didn't probe him on his past with people who publicly spoke out in hate of America. Nor did they really inquire into his thoughts on foreign policy. It was just one big slobber fest whenever the mainstream media reported on Obama in 2008. Journalists were nearly moved to tears (some actually were) when he won the election.

The liberal media seems to have been in favor of change for the sake of change — to put this man in the #1 seat because he was different. Wouldn't it be a great statement to the rest of the world if we elected a black man as president because it shows how forward-thinking we are and how we're so beyond racism? Well, the media got what they wanted. Now that Obama's been in office for over a year now, I don't see the media simmering down all that much. They still report on what a cool guy our president is. Like Goldberg points out, he is too big to fail. The media was in love with Obama back in 2008, and it looks like the honeymoon is nowhere close to being over.

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