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Silverboy by N.M. Browne
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Dec 03, 2007

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bookshelves: children-fantasy
Recommended for: grades 6-9
Read in July, 2007

Tommo desperately wants to escape his fate has an apprentice spellstone grinder, a magical job that makes him not only physically sick with “the quivers” but also turns his skin a shiny-silver. Apprentices aren’t allowed to simply stop working the jobs to which they are assigned in the Protectorate; however, after he risks his life and claims sanctuary in the name of Gildea, High Priest of the Inward Power, he is given eight days to leave the land (though this is an impossible task) or he will be hung.

During his attempt to leave the Protectorate he meets Akenna, a tough girl who is against Lord Fallon, the Protector, and all he stands for. Lord Fallon fears thaumaturgy, a strong type of magic, though he has ensorcelled his own wife Vevenna by using magic of the same spellstones that have made Tommo so very ill. Paranoid and power-hungry, Lord Fallon has had most of his enemies killed or scared into doing what he says. The only person who can defeat him, Gildea himself, is nearly dead. Will Gildea be able to use his own thaumaturgical powers to save himself, Tommo, and the people of the Protectorate before it’s too late?

This intriguing, action-packed novel will keep readers glued to the page. We closely follow the characters as they pursue their difficult battles; their battles involve men, magic, or sometimes…both.

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