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W Juliet, Vol. 8 by Emura
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Apr 16, 2010

it was amazing

Do your family love you? When they love you too much do you somethings feel hard to breathe and survived? When they you treat you like a kid... and your family planned your future out for you already... Well for the only girl member in Ito's family she is like the tresure and the princess of the house. All of her three brother treat her like gold and money. So does her dad which always think Ito looks slike her wife. But Ito decide that she is going be a actor just like the guy she likes, Mako(who dress up as a girl in school). But her Ryuya doesn't understand her, instead his brother turn worser torwards her.
Ryuya ground her and make up schedule for her. Ito run away for her brother and whan her brother find her in Mako's place she ran away and they both start a fight. Until Ito did something that make Ryuya change his mind. She start cimbling on to the wishing tree that Ryuya told her if anyone cimble on the top of that tree then their wish is going to come true. Ito cimble on top of the tree she nearly tripped and fell... but Mako save her and dropped her so Ryuya can catch her. Ryuya promise Ito that he won't get invade with Ito's job and career. This make Ito really joyful. On that day she want be a kid and lay on her brother's warm back forever...
Ito and her friends are going to the beach living in Tsugumi's summer house. The werid thing is that when Ito and Misaki were in the water putting flower to the lady mermaid's shine, they got capture by the Lady mermaid, she was really nice and welcoming at first but then she change and said she want Ito's long legs and Misaki's nice voice. Lady Mermaid because she want revenge for the man that abanned her. But Mako and Yoshiro who is in love with Misaki. They both jump off of the cliff to save there love one...maybe they are going to risk anything even life to save their love one(of course Yoshiro stll don't know Mako is a man)...will they die or save their love ones....?


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