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The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet by Bernie Su
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it was amazing
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Recommended to TL by: Random rec off amazon I think
Recommended for: fans of miss Austen and alternate re-tellings
Read 4 times. Last read April 28, 2019 to April 30, 2019.

4th re-read:
I would love more follow-ups with this cast/re-telling... Lydia's book was awesome but I want more!

Nothing more to say that I haven't said already:) Check this one out!

Thank you my book friends for making me smile and laugh during my funk *hugs for all*

Side note: extra fun if you read this and watch the videos that correspond with different parts. :-D

Once again, big smiles on my face reading this :) Even more fun now that I can picture the people playing them in my head and read it in their voices.

Highly recommended, if you couldn't tell already;-)hehe... have fun!

First read: July 3rd-6th, 2014
Re-read: September 2015 (before Lydia's book is out)
Re-read #3: June 19th- 21st

Watch the web series here:

Original review:

I'd read a similar idea to this with 'A Little Bit Psychic Pride Prejudice with a modern twist'
( but wasn't overly impressed. Still the idea of a modern twist (in a novel) on it intrigued me so when this came to my attention I put it on my PBSWAP list and figured I'd give it a chance when my slot came up. *I had not heard of the YouTube series... I actually don't go on YouTube that much cept for movie trailers and some interviews with my favorite Brits *

I fell in love with it from the first page :) A really fun,witty, fresh re-visit to Jane Austen's wonderful characters.

It was interesting to see everyone in their Modern lives (Lizzie and Charlotte in grad school), but still true to the original at the same time (Not an easy thing to do I imagine).

Mrs. Bennet I thought went overboard at times but I still loved her.. heartily glad though she isn't/wasn't my mother. Her and Mr. Bennet's relationship was wonderful, I love how they compliment each other.

Lizzie and a video vlog, brilliant idea! I would like to bestow the person who thought of this with many hugs :).

George Wickham... just as slick/charming and even more of a scumbag here, what he did to Lydia... ooooh! Wanted to kick him in the balls!

Darcy was amazing, specially what he did for Lydia/Lizzie... when you hear his side of the story, you just melt for him.

The 'warped normal'/craziness of the Bennet household, love it! Even though they can get fed up with each other, you can see how much they love each other and how everything they go through brings them closer together.

Misconceptions and miscommunications abound aplenty... even though I knew where the story would end up, I still found myself yelling at the characters and being anxious/happy/exasperated along with them.

A little sympathetic towards Caroline,and I love Lydia and Mary's career choices.. proud of them :).

I'd like to think Miss Austen would be amused and pleased at how her novel was re-imagined.

The author Q&A at the end hints at more to come... I certainly hope so! :)

I know what I'll be watching when I'm off :)
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Finished Reading
July 3, 2014 – Shelved
July 3, 2014 –
page 4
1.0% "Shouldn't be starting a third one but couldn't resist:)\n \n "
July 4, 2014 –
page 12
3.0% ""Hey dad, thanks for being the reason I'll never get married," I said from the doorway to the den. "You're welcome, Lizzie. Anything I can do to help," he answered from behind the newspaper."
July 4, 2014 –
page 52
13.0% "Really enjoying this but I'm very glad I don't have Lizzie's mother"
July 4, 2014 –
page 71
17.75% "I can tell you one thing. Between my workload and my post-traumatic stress from last time, the one place I most definitely will NOT be going is Carter's.\n \n June 5th:\n We went to Carter's."
July 4, 2014 –
0.0% "picturing Emma Roberts as Lydia:\n "
July 4, 2014 –
page 93
July 4, 2014 –
page 109
27.25% "Loving how this P&P revamp is going :)\n \n Though Lizzie's mom charging ahead with a re-model to get her daughter a marriage proposal faster (If not the real reason then definitely a major part of if) is not a great move, even if well intentioned in her mind)"
July 5, 2014 –
page 116
29.0% ""So you're perfect and you have no faults," I said sarcastically. "Except for that darn short temper, which goes with the stuck-upness and pride. So at least you have a matching set.""
July 5, 2014 –
page 143
July 5, 2014 –
page 145
36.25% "Oy vey... Ricky and Mrs. Bennett can't take a hint"
July 5, 2014 –
page 157
39.25% "I feel for Caroline :( *hugs her* \n \n As for Darcy, so cute when he's awkward :)"
July 5, 2014 –
page 181
45.25% ""Oh, god. My entire social sphere has been reduced to Lydia.\n This cannot bode well.""
July 5, 2014 –
page 219
54.75% "\n \n "
July 6, 2014 –
page 243
60.75% ""Yes, my dear, it seems Charlotte and Lizzie are actually different people," my dad piped up between mouthfuls of stuffing. " I know you think they might have gotten switched at the hospital, but I'm afraid Lizzie's ours-- she has the Bennet ears."\n \n My mother sent my father a look that said he wouldn't be getting any green beans.\n \n LOVE Mr. Bennet!"
July 6, 2014 –
page 280
70.0% "Hope Lydia is careful in Vegas..\n \n Have I mentioned I love Charlotte?:) And Gigi too!\n \n I wanna work for Pemberley Digital... it sounds so amazing!"
July 6, 2014 –
page 310
77.5% "oooooh, George that scumbag!!!"
July 6, 2014 –
page 362
90.5% "Aaaw :)"
September 11, 2015 –
0.0% "Re-read commencing :)!\n \n \n "
September 11, 2015 –
page 14
3.5% " "Hey, Dad, thanks for being the reason I'll never get married, " I said from the doorway to the den.\n \n "You're welcome, Lizzie. Anything I can do to help," he answered from behind the newspaper. "
September 11, 2015 –
0.0% "That was page 12, typo haha"
September 11, 2015 –
0.0% "And if your father doesn't care enough about you to introduce himself to Bing Lee, chances are we won't meet him until he marries Charlotte Lu!" my mother ranted, while simultaneously crushing pecans with a mallet. Cooking de-stresses her. We eat well in this house. "
September 11, 2015 –
page 89
September 12, 2015 –
page 124
September 12, 2015 –
page 155
September 13, 2015 –
page 190
September 14, 2015 –
0.0% "I have dined with De Bourgh. I have been blessed by the Holy Venture Capitalist by being permitted into her presence while she masticates and imbibes. I was warned in advance not to think too lowly of myself, since she would not expect me as a poor grad student to have anything stamped in designer labels to my name, but that as long as I put together a neat appearance and was duly humble, I would be fine."
September 14, 2015 –
page 217
54.25% " Darcy: Two parts of me have been at war. Your...odd family, your financial troubles--you're in a different world from me. \n People expect me to travel in certain circles. And I do respect the wishes of my family, but not today. I've tried to fight it for months now, but Lizzie Bennet...I'm in love with you.\n \n (pause)\n \n Darcy: I can't believe it, either. That my heart could completely overwhelm my judgement."
September 14, 2015 –
page 243
60.75% ""I don't know if you're glad to be back, but I'm certainly glad to have you. It brings the relative amount of silly back down to tolerable levels."\n \n "Thanks, Dad."\n \n "Don't thank me--it also swings her attention away from me to you."\n \n Gotta love Mr. Bennet:)\n \n (he''s still Lizzie's dad for me)"
September 14, 2015 –
page 297
74.25% "\n \n \n \n GiGi and Darcy"
June 18, 2016 –
0.0% "Comfort read time again:\n "
June 19, 2016 – Started Reading
June 19, 2016 –
page 29
June 20, 2016 –
page 83
June 20, 2016 –
0.0% "\n \n "
June 20, 2016 –
page 122
30.5% ""
June 21, 2016 –
page 205
June 21, 2016 – Finished Reading
April 27, 2019 –
page 45
April 28, 2019 – Started Reading
April 28, 2019 –
page 77
April 28, 2019 –
page 134
April 29, 2019 –
page 204
51.0% "Once again, very glad I don't have a boss like Catherine"
April 29, 2019 –
page 274
April 30, 2019 – 0.0% "Binge watched the web series to correspond with the book yesterday :)

April 30, 2019 –
page 325
April 30, 2019 – Finished Reading

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