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Carrie by Stephen King
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Apr 14, 2010

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bookshelves: advisory-10th

By Stephen King
253pp New York, NY
Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group $7.99
ISBN: 0-671-03972-5

Do telekinetic powers really exist? What about telepathy? Well, it hasn’t been scientifically proven to exist, but in Carrie , it definitely does. Carrie is a high school girl with ESP, a religion- fanatic mother, and is often bullied by other girls in her school for being ugly and antisocial.

The story starts off with a humiliating incident in the girl’s locker room. Chris Hargensen leads a group of girls to throw tampons and pads at Carrie and fortunately, the gym teacher Miss Desjardin happened to pass by to listen to her explain the situation. Miss Desjardin gets the girls punished by detention but Chris, who didn’t show up at all, is punished harsher. She isn’t allowed to go to prom but she tries to get her way in.

Carrie soon discovers her telekinetic and some telepathic powers and starts practicing using them. Meanwhile, another popular girl Sue Snell regrets having participated in the locker incident and thought of a way to pay back to Carrie. She convinces her boyfriend Tommy Ross to go to prom with Carrie and though she was unsure of the reason, Carrie agreed to go with Tommy. At the prom, the first half was pretty well because Tommy was very friendly and nice, as were his friends. However, Chris, who is still mad at Carrie, plans revenge with her boyfriend Billy Nolan. When Carrie went onstage to receive her prom queen award, Billy Nolan poured a bucket of pig’s blood on her and the bucket knocked Tommy unconscious. Humiliated, Carrie leaves the prom, but as she stomps out, she realizes she could use her telekinetic powers to get her revenge. She ended up locking the doors and turning on the sprinklers although the electrical equipment was on. Watching the scene, she witnessed three die of electrocution but decides to kill everyone instead and caused a massive fire.

As she was walking home, Carrie stops the firemen from saving the people in the fire by disabling the hydrants. However, it turns out that everyone knows about her wrongdoings because she has a broadcast telepathy. At home, her mother is shocked and thought Carrie was possessed by a Satan. Her mother stabs Carrie with a knife, thinking it would save her, but instead, Carrie kills her mother.

Following this horrible nightmare, Carrie walks around and sees Chris and Billy. Billy tries to run her over and as self defense, she wrecks the car and kills them both. At this point, Sue Snell found Carrie in the parking lot and the two have a telepathic conversation. Carrie understands that Sue Snell never meant to embarrass her but she still thinks that the prom was all a trap she set up with Tommy and still bares hatred. At the end, Carrie prays for her mother and dies. Until then, is her terror put to a stop.

Carrie is a thrilling horror novel that is very interesting to read. The reader just never gets bored and it makes high school girls seem so frightening. There is an original storyline and I would recommend it for anyone to read. However, if you think you wotn be able to sleep after reading it, I suggest you not read it because the terror happens in the most common places such as a locker room.
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message 2: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Carvajal way to put in spoilers without a warning...

Marsha This is a clear example of a bad review. You spend most of the page actually encapsulating what happens in the novel, thus filling it full of spoilers. The actual review is just a few short lackluster lines squeezed in at the end. Tsk tsk.

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