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Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
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Apr 14, 2010

it was amazing
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Ok, I am going to review each story, as well, individually as they deserver.


1. 1922 - This story is actually a confession of a man who has just murdered his wife. He has even dragged his innocent 14 year old son into this as well, which is very heartbreaking. I feel this story makes you realize that our actions have consequences that we will somehow at some point feel. Is it karma? What goes around, comes around? Ghosts? Insanity? This man, after committing this heinous crime feels the repercussions in everything breaking down around him. Is he losing his mind? Is he being haunted by his wife? This story in many ways reminds me of King's short story Morality (included w/ Blockade Billy), where one action of a woman completely alter the rest of her life. (5 stars)

2. Big Driver - Now this story was very unlike what I know of Uncle Stevie! That being said, I loved it! This is the story of Tessa, a well-known mystery writer who is on her way from a speaking engagement when she is viciously attacked, raped and left for dead. That's horrible enough, right? But this story follows her in how she handles this life-changing situation. This story is incredibly moving and she is an amazingly strong, resilient woman....much to her own surprise. I could not put this story down at all! (5 stars)

3. Fair Extension - This book left me a bit torn. Dave Streeter is your average family man with a wife and kids. Dave, however, is dying of cancer and is slowly watching his body deteriorate and his life crumble around him. He comes upon an odd, pudgy little man named George Elvid sitting on the side of the road looking like someone peddling his wares.....however there were no wares. He sells extensions......even a hair extension if that's what Dave wants. But what does Dave want? And what is the cost?

This was very well done, who would expect anything less from Uncle Stevie? lol. But I felt left wanting like the story wasn't finished. Or was it? Maybe the rest is for us to think about......was this right or wrong? Maybe too much information wouldn't let us work this one out in our head more. It definitely leaves me w/ alot of questions. (4 stars)

4. A Good Marriage - This story was about a woman named Darcy Anderson, who has a pretty charmed life....the good husband and 2 beautiful children. Her husband by all appearances is a mild-mannered accountant, and even volunteers for the boy scouts. They have been married fo 27 years and she thought she knew him pretty well, until she uncovered a secret hiding place of his in the garage. He has a secret that will change everything!

This story follows Darcy's discovery and how she handles the nightmare that her life becomes. I really liked this story and respected Darcy very much. (5 stars)

Ok, now with the release of the paperback book, also came the addition of an previously unpublished short story called Under The Weather. All I can say is OMG! I had no idea where this story was going and then all of a sudden I was like "You're $#!@$#! kidding me!" Yup, it's that kind of punchline! This one is possibly one of the best stories in the book. Now I don't want to say too much about this little treasure, but it's the story of a man, who is under a lot of stress due to work, recurring nightmares that he can't explain and a sick wife. Read this short little gem....you'll be glad you did.
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Dustin Wow, Kathy, you're already reading FDNS!?!

Kathy Yeah.....ARC (advanced reading copy) from work. One of the perks of working at a bookstore. We sure don't make the big bucks....but I'm happy bookwise! :)

Nathalie A little jealousy is getting its claws in me!! ;)
Enjoy it!!!

Kathy Thank you.

Dustin So I saw that Neil Gaiman gave FDNS four out of five stars...how would you rate it, Kathy?

Kathy It's too early to tell. I'm about 3 quarters of the way through the first novella and so far it's a 4-5. I might be biased, though. I do love everything he's written! lol

Dustin Oh, sorry...I thought you'd already finished it..

Kathy I'll keep you posted....so far really good! :)

Dustin Thank you!

Rachel Kathy, since your my only friend who's reading this right now, I wanna ask: You find the dedication ironic given the subject matter of the first story? :)

Dustin Who did he dedicate the book to, Rachel?

Kathy He dedicated the book, as he did so many before to his wife, Tabitha. No, it didn't seem ironic to me at all, Rachel. So many of his books are dedicated to her, that I didn't even think about it. lol. Interesting, but still no, it doesn't seem strange at all. He is Stephen King after all! lol

Dustin Thank you, Kathy.
I think it's sweet that he has dedicated many of his books to Tabitha!

Kathy Absolutely, me too! Have you read On Writing? In that you clearly learn how she not only is his muse but his ultimate "Constant Reader".

Dustin Yeah, I LOVE On Writing! I've read it twice, actually...and I want to read it again!

Kathy Me too. I felt like Uncle Stevie was just talking to me personally about writing....and reading! I loved it!

Dustin That's exactly what reading On Writing is like, IMO!

Kathy I know. He has such a conversational tone! :)

Dustin Oh, definitely! So you're done reading Full Dark, No Stars?

Kathy So far just the first story, which I really liked. I have to remember to do my reviews. lol. My original plan was to space the 4 stories out between other books to make it last longer....but I don't think I will have the patience! lol

Dustin I would NOT be able to do that, either, Kathy.

Rachel Don't do that.

Kathy lol. I know, I know!

Ashlee D. I totally agree with the rating you gave each story, for future readers or other interested reviewers.

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