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Twice Dead by Kalayna Price
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it was ok
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First off, I have to admit that this took me four months to read. Part of it was that it was an ebook, so I couldn't read it for long spans of time. Even if I had been able to, I don't think I would have wanted to. I was very unimpressed with this book. There was very little character growth and even less world building.

Main character Kita is originally a shapeshifter who turns into a small cat, but in some vaguely described incident that occurred in the first book, she is now also a vampire. A very whiny, Mary Sue vampire. Despite trouble following her around, everyone seems to be fascinated with her and almost all of the main male characters want her. She's whiny and petulant like a child, and yet you're supposed to be on her side. At the same time, you have Nathaniel, her sire, who is the strong silent type. And that generic stereotype is about all we know about him. All the other characters who are given any amount of page space to make an impression are similar stereotypes - the maniacal, possessive Tatius, the quietly possessive Collector, the scheming china doll-esque Elizabeth. Then there are all the interchangeable characters who are just around to hate on Kita because her life is so. hard.

Bland two dimensional characters would be palatable if they lived in a vivid well-structured world, but these don't. Maybe there was more world building in the first book of this series, but in Twice Dead, I couldn't tell if this was supposed to be an Earth-like world, an alternate version of Earth, or something completely different. Humans were very minor elements, so is the world primarily full of supernaturals? How does this world relate to Kita's original home of shapeshifters? Is that in another dimension, on another planet, etc. Mostly you're life to assume this world is just like ours with a supernatural underlining so fill in the blanks yourself. Except there are so many supernatural elements that it doesn't make sense how it could run any entire city/council underneath the humans without anyone noticing.

I readily admit I never read the first book, so some background was definitely lacking. Any subsequent books in a series should still give a brief overview of what has happened before so that the plot makes sense in context. The references to rouges and judge's marks were not fully explained and I'm still not quite sure what the point of the mage was other than to be a convenient way to get Kita in and out of trouble. And finally, the book ends and then continues until the new sequel is setup like in a movie with a brand new character appearing out of nowhere with one or two lines of dialogue, except that doesn't really work in a book.

Underneath all this, there might have been a pleasant plot, but too many of the large elements did not work. There was one moment, in the middle of the novel, where I couldn't put the book down, but I think that was more because it was so much fun to read on an iPad than my computer. Wouldn't recommend it though I've read worse.
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